Saturday, June 15, 2019

Something About This

“via pinterest

there is something about this room which moves me, 
in the most wonderful way.

I'm normally a monochromatic woman, with maybe a beautiful Persian rug on the floor
to pull accent colors from, like art and beautiful collectibles.

however, this mix-up makes me smile.

I never thought I would like a WHITE table.

I never thought I could like curtains hung at one height and the screen at another.

Or the rug pattern with the chair pattern.

But, I do.

It looks NEW, modern soft contemporary and so comfortable.

what about you?   

do you like ?

& what about this ?

this would make me crazy now, however, at one point in my life I would have actually liked this!

wallpaper and all.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Toddler Girls Clothing 50% OFF

my little-est grand-child 

Holland, age almost 4

in one of our "out of stock" outfits

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Justin Timberlake & Elton John

Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show : News Photo

photo from his Super Bowl performance, outfit designed by Stella McCartney

I love his music !!!

with all the madness in our world, we need music, I think,
and his makes me so happy.

now, for some info maybe you didn't know:

my Maltese is named Bono, after U2, so he's a rock-star dog

I would name one JT if I were to have another doggie.

anyway, JT's "Man of the Woods"  tour earned $150,000,000.

1.2 million tickets sold

that proves there are a whole lot of us fans out there who will bear any burden, pay any price
to see someone they love perform LIVE.

I used to be a big concert go'er.  Not so much now, it's harder to get my friends to go with me
because it is so much trouble, you know?

I'm hoping for Elton John to perform at the next
it's the perfect time, don't you think?

I email the NFL all the time about this.
and if you love Elton, email them too.

we saw "Rocketman" at a sneak preview,
and if you love Elton's talent and amazing longevity
run RUN to see this film.

some of it is just so sad, like his song says.
and that part almost makes one cry for his bad parenting.

he survived because his grandmother took him & his talent in hand.

Elton John for SUPER BOWL !!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


today in fashion we are seeing a rebirth of 
flowers everywhere, and from every important designer.
it's definitely a reprise of "Flower Power" in design.

so when I saw these lovely NEW EARRINGS I had to take the plunge.  below:  something really beautiful

genuine fresh-water pearls woven into flower petals
embellished with center stones of colored glass beads.
post is in center of earring so it sits nicely on your ear,
doesn't dangle.

about 1.1/3" in diameter


these pieces are NOT fashion jewelry, 
they are genuine pearls. 

email: to order 
if you wish to pay via credit card directly


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which will process your payment via PayPal.

just so you know CLICK HERE
to see another pair of earrings, Mother-of Pearl
pressed into "flower shapes"
then you will see how excellent my price really is.

they could easily be $100+ more.

let me know what you think, please.

ALSO, 40% OFF ON MY LaLaLand site,
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we've received orders for over 40 pairs of these beautiful wait!

You can have them by July 4th, as we place all orders at one time.
let us know

Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Tuesday

this open kitchen makes me so happy.
in my former home we had a courtyard much like this, leading out and around to the
beautiful garden area and pool.  this part of the yard was fenced so that the doggies
couldn't get out to the bigger yard beyond because the 2 Labrador sisters literally
went swimming and then took off to visit the neighbors.
we had a tiny  little creek area behind, mostly it was dry, but after rains it trickled down through the neighborhood.  the big dogs jumped across this like deer.

my Poodle, FiFi, used to sit in the courtyard, on her hammock, soak up the sun,
we would leave the door open for her because she had separation anxiety and could not enjoy
the outdoors unless she knew she could come indoors.

I used to spend time making certain this little area was perfect, even washing black rocks under the downspout, tending the many containers filled with flowers, trimming with fingernail sissors.

it was very gratifying.
I know you know.

do you know what it feels like to actually celebrate Memorial Day in the way it was 
meant to be?

now that I'm older, I truly feel it.

all of us should give thanks we live in the USA, 
that we are Americans, 

even if our opinions on politics 
and room decor are different.

in politics, it all changes, just give it time.
President's have term limits,
I just wish Congress had the same so we wouldn't have dino's serving for 40 years.

we need YOUNG, FRESH ideas, and YOUNG, FRESH people,
people who are not compromised by the tenure of office, and the DC slime.

all of us NEED to get along, this country is divided because of
the media and the politics.

should they have the right to inflict this upon us?

or, maybe we should be more like this:

“ suuuuuuuuup doggie !
hey mr. moose :)

hi there !
I think we could be friends...
you smell just fine

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Going to Pack This One

“Giorgio Armani Spring 2019

this outfit works perfectly for the way I like to look,
but the bag would change, of course.

shoes definitely have to change for travel,

but, ladies, I adore this look.

all gorgeous, elegant Armani

& since we might be going to Italy,
nothing could be better.

Italian designer's call my name.

act like money is no object & tell me what you think, please

Monday, May 20, 2019

Perfect Travel Wardrobe Created by ME...

Image result for photo amalfi coast

chiara boni la petite robe
which you will find HERE

the 9am - Midnight Wardrobe

when I worked in the Fashion Office of  Sak's 5th Avenue we were often asked to
create a travel warbrobe for certain clients, which meant knowing what they already owned

& adding new pieces so they would be completely updated.

  I have pulled together the pieces below which should
suffice for any woman who could be attending any function anywhere. 

once you look through
the pieces I'll explain below why I think they work together,
and why I don't think you need to pack other pieces.

on another note:  if you know you won't be attending anything super fancy,
like meeting friends for something wonderful, or you're just a MUCH MORE CASUAL
person, leave out the glitter top & the dressy long skirt.
otherwise, you need everything else.
I'm in Hawaii often and believe me no one dresses up in Hawaii!

and OK,  if you're attending a ball perhaps you do need a couple of other things :)'s

"Perfect Travel Wardrobe" by splenderosa on Polyvore


1 fabulous blazer/jacket (non wrinkle, lint repelling)
3 tee shirt tops (wash by hand, hang up)
2 dressier tops
1 pair longer shorts like Bermudas
2 pants
1 casual long skirt
1 dressier long skirt
1 cardigan (if you need one)

12 PIECES of apparel
= multitudes of outfits,
the scarves make even basic black look spiffy & fashionable

bunches of underwear, socks if you wear them, hosiery if you wear
(roll all of it, put inside other items)

3 Handbags

huge one for the plane, car, etc.
2 small, black & red

OK, let's face it...we gotta be comfortable
1 tennies (I love the high tops)
1 sandal
1 flats
1 low-heeled bootie
1 high heels
notice the colors of the shoes, black with red/turquoise/white

2 (or more) long scarves
the long ones can do double duty by tying around your head
on a bad hair day, or draping your shoulders in a cool restaurant,
or just adding spice hanging around your neck, along with your long necklaces
red/black, turquoise/black
1 pashmina (black/white circles)

1 silk flower lapel pin

if you don't want the flower, feel it's too frou-frou,
add a big brooch, or a couple of brooches, to the lapel or top.
seriously, no one is going to think you're over-the-top if they don't know you!

this is where you can shine.
  jewelry can make any outfit important.

3-4 Bracelets
 cause they are hugely important now
wrap bracelets are such a big rage now, put several one at the same time.
coordinating earrings, of your choice

a couple of necklaces, fashionable ones
1 necklace to wear all the time, a darling, dainty one.


truly, I cannot be without jewelry, it makes
the simplest outfit seem important

now, let's see

1. the sequined top, with the long split skirt, blazer, silk flower,
high-heeled booties, fabulous earrings...
go to dinner at the finest restaurant,
even Anna Wintour would approve.

2.  the beautiful tie-front blouse left outside, the other long skirt, or the black dressy pant,
add the striped cardigan or the blazer if you need a bit of cover,
the stripes go with the dots on the pashmina too.

3.  the cardigan & the long sleeved striped tee will look excellent together,
worn with the white Bermudas or a pair of slacks, you're totally happening fashion-wise.
& think how cute you'll be with the black/white ballerina shoes.

4. wear the tie front blouse open over one of the plain tees,
add the long dangling necklaces & you're dressed for whatever comes up,
but yet you're casual too.
the turquoise sandals would work here.

5.  I am a true believer in high-top shoes, I think they rock, they certainly
don't look "old" and they're comfortable.

6.  even if you're travelling with a group you won't be wearing the same thing
every other day. there are enough pieces to mix it up.

7. try to pack everything completely flat, put plastic bags between items
(like those from the dry cleaner)
totally eliminates wrinkling and they weigh nothing.
if you don't have a fold-over bag lay all the clothing out, on top of
a big plastic bag, then layer everything, roll it all up and put into
a duffle or carryon.  believe me, this works and saves so much time later on.

8. use every square inch of empty space to pack small items,
like jewelry inside shoes, etc. + they don't rattle around when packed this way.
I roll up underwear & stuff into shoes, cause I CANNOT skimp on panties.

9. I don't travel with jeans.  ever.
there are so many beautiful things available I don't want to wear jeans.

final word:   the fabulous pashmina 
never go anywhere without one,
if it's in the way, tie it around your bag. 

other women have said it...
don't take too much.
there are no Sherpas.
unless you have a driver who picks you up at each
airport immediately after you retrieve your luggage,
you will be schlepping quite a lot on your own.
I absolutely did not like learning this new fact of life.

the main thing is to have a wonderful time !

now, tell me...what is the ONE item of clothing you always take with you?

Friday, May 17, 2019

Where My Heart Lives

“via pinterest

one of my blogging friends has suggested 
I put together another Italian holiday.

what do you guys think?

it would make me so happy to return, 
but I'm afraid the summer is upon us and, therefore,
to late to prepare for this season.

however ?

if I do it again, I'm going to have a travel agent/partner
receive all the funds from the participants,
as that was just so difficult for me last year.

and, no matter how each and every penny is accounted for there will always be someone who disputes and/or is concerned.

So, there will be a flat fee for everything except the transportation, which will be each person's own responsibility.

I'll plan an itinerary, put it out there, and say this is how much it costs.  It's simply the only way I've discovered.

in fact, one of the ladies said I "mislead them"  
HOW?  She did not explain.
So, I spent months worrying about what she thought.

more later, after I give this a good thinking.

have a lovely weekend, ladies !!



in my LaLaLand for Girls shop
link top left sidebar.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Life Changes

throwback to almost 4 1/2 years now...

our lovely residence in Hunter's Creek Village in Houston,
where my beloved husband and I lived.

I loved the open-ness of this home, walls of glass overlooking property where I would
spend hours with the plants and flowers, always anticipating what would happen each seasson.

North Louisiana pool and cabana, Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects. Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer, San Diego, CA.

however, no matter how much I love the home and my life with my husband,
life changes, doesn't it?

I've had a bit of depression lately, cause really unknown,
& I'm struggling through it by cleaning house,
re-arranging everything, and visiting my friends.

also, I've noticed I want a cocktail in the late afternoon &
evening.  there is nothing in my apartment, as I never
even drink wine on my own.
but.  if it were here I would drink it.

my daughter's divorce is still filled with animosity,
mostly over money & child custody.
my little grandson is going to be 6 this summer & my daughter has waited her whole life for this child.
so she wants full custody & won't budge.
so, in return my soon-to-be ex-son-in-law is going to force
her to sell her home, even though he has a home of his own
which he's owned for 20 years.

my son, who's here in Houston, with his 4 kids, is leaving
for the entire summer the day after Memorial Day.

the point of all this, I think, is that MY FRIENDS are so
super important to me, they sustain me daily, and I need
an injection of girl-friend love immediately.

does this sound pitiful?
no matter, it's the truth.

it's beginning to get WARM in Houston, so I'll get up earlier to
walk my baby boy, Bono, the rock-star Maltese, because he gets hot too.  

then I've decided after his walk, I'M WALKING on my own,
to get some exercise in, to keep the blood flowing, and maybe help me lose some weight, which isn't happening with diet alone.
500-1000 calories a day doesn't do it for me, I gotta get out
there and sweat.

if you know anyone who need little girl toddler clothes,
we're still have a Memorial Day sale with

much love, my friends