Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Be Brave....

are you brave enough to wear this bold combination?

I think it's beautiful !!

what I'm also loving is the slow return of the 
longer blazer jacket,
the hider of many figure problems, therefore, 
a friend to all of us.

the Spring runway was not wonderful, from any designer.

I'm not caring nearly as much as I used to,
and try to concentrate on accessories when I buy something new.

the women, mommies, grands, etc. here in Houston
all look wonderful.  the "street style" here is really
a pretty style. the young ones all have beautiful, clean
long hair, skin-tight jeans, and a brilliant top or jacket.
I mean, it's a uniform!

the country club ladies who play bridge all wear suits,
albeit pant suits, with perfectly coiffed hair (in the style
they have worn for 50 years or more).

their daughters and sometimes grand-daughters
all wear designer clothing.
when I say "designer" I mean DESIGNER,
and they ALL have a status handbag.

for me now, working on my LaLaLand for Kids Trunk Show
on March 2nd at Bering's in Houston.

sending love, ladies....

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Table Settings


This looks like a restaurant setting, but the point I wish to make is these little vases are
exactly the kind I use scattered up and down my dining table.

I've had many of them for 30+ years (good God, WHERE did the time go?!!)
but when I'm out and about if I see something else I like I grab them.

Any kind of flowers work, that's the good part.
The other thing is that there are flowers everywhere but people can see over them, you know?
Like, it's kind of fun to talk across the table.

Tina's little lamps for dining tables would be the only thing I would add.
I'm getting those someday too.

And, I love beautiful Battenberg-type place mats, not tablecloths.
Beautifully starched & ironed with the same napkins.

We have collected antique sterling napkin rings over the decades and I use them all the time.
Not one person has ever asked who "Aunt Alice" is.  

Anyway, I'm still in Wimberley, Texas and have been doing a lot of fancy cooking,
because my daughter does not like to cook at all.  And, I mean, NOT AT ALL.

I'll put up the divine Shrimp recipe I made a couple of nights ago soon.
Easy, Wonderful & Very Beautiful to Serve.

stay on your toes, girlfriends.
2019 us a chance to renew, refresh and do-over.

my saying of the day:

"Oh my, I don't need EVERYTHING, I have no where to put it "

by me.

over 10 years blogging last August.
2400 published posts

this is a COMMITMENT

Saturday, December 29, 2018

A New Beginning 2019

as we draw closer to a NEW year all of us make promises to ourselves & others
about improvements.

improvements to our lives, (like losing weight), making new friends,
re-connecting with old friends, getting more organized, taking a BUCKET LIST holiday,
spending creative time on your own,
starting a project we have long wanted to do, but haven't saved time to do it,
talking to our grandchildren about life, the universe, animals, elementary things,
but things they don't, as yet, know.

so, along with all this I've made a decision to re-vamp my blog a little bit.
re-vamp of content, that is.

I'm thinking I'll post about 
fashion one day

animals one day

travel one day

my LaLaLand Collection one day, which will include children in my outfits

my weight-loss journey one day

& to follow this simple little plan

in other words, my blog is changing a lot.

when I began I wasn't working, my husband was VERY ill, my life was
not very good because of all the stress and worry.

in the 9-10 years I've been blogging I've learned so much.
I am a widow.

everything is different now.

my interests are different.
& the need to create something which would give me an income stream was necessary.
I bounced around on many things until, finally, the children's collection made the most sense.

I mean, what are the 3 businesses guaranteed to never go away:


and because my interests are so different my blog must change, but not enough so that you won't recognize it, but enough to make me happy.

follow along via email, link above.

& let me know what you think, please.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Through the Window


don't you LOVE this little girl with the golden shoes, ballet shoes, but not quite toe-shoes.

wonder what her life will be like?

for the look of the divine decor one knows her life will be beautiful.

all the best, my friends, as we round the corner of 2018 (still cannot believe how fast it flew by),
and come up on 2019.

what is your fondest wish for the coming year?

come on...tell us !!!


as always

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Goose in the Window

I WANT that goose in my house !!!

what a lovely little vignette.  it looks like so many  charming small towns  in Texas
(and many other dreamy places across our great country)

just perfect for the holidays, don't you think?

I'm almost finished with getting merchandise out to all my great clients, just
waiting on a couple of back-orders to arrive.

then going to Wimberley to be with daughter and little Coltie, my 5-year old grandson,
we're driving over to Camp Verde, near Bandera (which is near San Antonio)
for Christmas Eve lunch, it's beautiful there with huge canyons, high granite mountains,
but mostly because the "general store" has a great restaurant and SHOP with gigantic
Christmas trees which will thrill Coltie.

Merry Christmas to one and all from me & Rudolph !!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Lights in Houston

Our Galleria, only 1/2 mile from my home
 The Galleria presents Ice Spectacular and Tree Lighting

Houston Zoo Lights

Houston & Dallas both have magnificent Christmas lighting displays, entire residential areas
are wrapped in lights, every tree is beautiful, giant Nutcracker statues line the avenues.

we are a very KIDS oriented city.

just walking my dog around at night is a thrill for me.
Post Oak Boulevard (our Rodeo Drive) is brilliant with the huge stainless steel arches wrapped in

a lovely time of the year.

my shopping's all done,
going to a birthday lunch today, so gotta hurry & get ready,
Christmas Party last night
so the spirit has set in big-time.

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Heart of A Home..


I love the huge table in the kitchen, it's functional and inspirational at the same time.

one of my girlfriends represents a vendor who makes PERSONALIZED ENGRAVED

the "saying" can be anything.

I'm completely charmed by this idea as a gift which will last FOREVER !!

always what I try to gift is a "forever" gift.

however, if I happen upon something dreamy, something
wearable, I'm a total sucker for that as a gift.
girls must be girls !!!
right ??

Merry Christmas, ladies !!!

heading to the hill country for the entire holiday season on the 19th of December, car partially loaded already,
just me and Bono going to my daughter's home in Wimberley,
Texas.  such a great small town during the holidays.
little events everywhere, precious shops for last minute shopping,
and "real neighbors" in a neighborhood.