Sunday, November 11, 2018

Bucket List

“Dining car on the Eastern and Oriental Express by jo_rodgers

yep, one of my most-desired holidays.

the Orient Express Train

have any of you guys done this trip, or any segment of the trip ????

I would love to know if it's as splendid as I think it is.

and, now another splendid thing (s)

I bought this NAVY piece, which is the lush/plush scarf we had last year, just in a NEW PATTERN.

it is SO SOFT I don't want to take it off.
& it's reversible, see the bottom left side of photo to see the reverse side.

$49 each

get them now 'cause I won't reorder again before Christmas
1 dozen of each color.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Just A Bit of Orange Please

“15x20 | street style blog

I love everything about this wonderful outfit 
(except the frayed edges on the jeans! just too old
to understand this, I guess),

the brightness of the ORANGE BAG
just makes the whole thing perfect,
in my opinion.

what do you guys think?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Can We Talk About Drinking ?


hi everyone and welcome to the holiday season !!!

last night, while having dinner with 2 girlfriends, 
I was reminded of
my issues with consumption of "beverages."

one of the girlfriends had 1 glass of wine too many 
and launched into a tirade over the other woman's 
daughter (who misbehaves badly).

over the years I've struggled with being 
"over-served" a few times.

we used to be able to laugh about this, but the time has
come for me to just say "NO" because I really don't want
to have so much fun I can't remember it.

Clare, my friend, was not a pretty picture as she
lectured, way too much, over the other friend's daughter
(daughter is an entitled woman, almost 60 years old,
never married and never worked 1 day in her life,
well educated, well travelled and spoiled rotten,
who blames her mom for EVERYTHING, including
her sister committing suicide 40 years ago, including her own bout with cancer 17 years ago).


so, commencing today, I'm putting the drink aside forever.

and, oh yes, I do enjoy a fine wine
I love Bombay Martini's on the rocks with olives.

but, one loses grace & elegance when one reaches a certain age (and I've reached IT!) & drinks too much.

& sometimes WE don't realize WE'RE drinking too much,
when we're drinking.

I never drink at home when I'm alone. 
So, with a great change of mental attitude on this, I've
decided. And, the decision is final.

Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?

I'm thinking I won't say a word to anyone, but you guys.
I'll toast with the table, but sit the glass down.
I'll drink water.
& no one will notice.

LaLaLand is doing very well.
Delivering over 300 pieces to Bering's 2 shops in Houston this week, then another 200-300 to 2 other shops in Houston.
and about 100 pieces sold online.
I'm exhausted but loving the creative process, and was
lucky enough to have my former housekeeper and her
family put all the labels and hangtags on all the garments.

what would have taken me 2-3 days, took the 4 of them
overnight, and I feel so privileged to have that wonderful
family help me out.

sending love, everyone !!!!


Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Nutcracker


this is our 'NUTCRACKER' Cotton Pique Dress for Girls

isn't it just wonderful?

Sizes 24mo - 6 Girls


we have stock in every size right this minute
& 2 out of the three stores we sell to in Houston has selected this piece for their inventory

available no where else in the USA
our's only.

click on shopping link for LaLaLand at top left sidebar to reach our shop

then scroll left to see each category of apparel

"Holiday" is where you will find this one & some other beauties.

it's raining in Houston this morning, very gray, and now
we have the end of Daylight Savings Time, which
means it will GET DARK MUCH (well an hour) EARLIER.

Patriots play in Sunday Night Football

Our Texans are on a 5-game winning streak, woohoo.
(Pats beat them early in the season)

Tex-Mex tonight with all the geezers,
but it's just so much fun as someone always has a cute/funny
story to relate.  And, know what?  Everything seems
better when surrounded by friends.

love to all

Saturday, November 3, 2018

So Chanel

Ladies, this  is the most gorgeous little dress
which I'm calling "SO Chanel"

available in Sizes 2 - 6 Girls

in the web shop, click on LaLaLand Shop icon at top left.

the fabric is beautiful tweed boucle' with a copper/gold lurex thread running through
the black & white tweed

the feathered hemline is divine.

and, YES, all of us big girls would love to wear this, as well.

Only 6 pieces available

for the little fashionista in your life !!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I was fortunate enough to meet this delightful and gorgeous man in NYC at the Plaza Athenee Hotel
where we were both staying.

#usa🇺🇸 #sportchic #gentlemenattitude🎩 #americanostyle🇺🇸 #newyorkcity #danielhartzgarcia #gentleman #preppy #gentlemen #bespoke #sartorialist #nonchalance #luxuryman #bespoke #tailoring #dapper #tailor...

he was wearing jeans and a suede bomber jacket and, 
on him, it looked wonderful.

just so you know, 
I happened to be in the bar awaiting friends, when he
walked in, also awaiting guests.

and, since I'm never at a loss for words, 
we have a few minutes of inane conversation.
eventually his friends arrived, one of them his brother, and the familial resemblance was amazing.

he has always impressed me with his attire.

like these photos:

& Lordy Lord, look at this below,
beginning with the denim shirt, the textures
& the beautifully blending of colors.

dressing like this is an art,
(unless you have your own personal stylist,
or the dresser in the men's department is brilliant)

“#ManoloDelToyro #style #spanish #gentleman #Tailoring #bespoke

“A cold and sunny Gamekeeper Thursday. Robert Noble/J. Press tweed, Scott & Charters sweater, Brooksweave tattersall, Paul Stuart tie. Ready for the day.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


LaLaLand Kids Apparel

appliqued T-Shirt Dresses, 100% Cotton, Washable

LaLaLand Kids Collection

is having a SALE of 30% OFF EVERYTHING

clickable icon at top left sidebar

type in at checkout where it asks for the coupon code, then press ENTER

your discount is automatically subtracted from your total.

the sale is active from today Saturday & tomorrow Sunday
October 27 & 28th

tell your friends for me PLEASE.

we are getting low on some of our stock, and if you have
already ordered but have no received, don't worry.
everything is on it's way.

this sale is not retro-active 
to orders previously placed, 
we are just not big enough to
offer this perk.


Friday, October 19, 2018

They're Back ....

talking about the greatest gifts for 
hostesses, teachers, secretaries, mail carriers, neighbors, 
and just to have on-hand because there's always SOMEONE ELSE
on the list !

and other pillow covers

believe me, you will not find these anywhere
else in the USA

18" x 18"

to order click the link on left sidebar
#1-10 are $35 each
 #11 is $25

we have just re-ordered all of them 
sold out the 1st order already !!

the pillow covers are printed on 1-side only
but just think how EASY IT WOULD BE TO
get out the glue gun & voila !!!

#1, 2, 3







this pillow cover is NOT burlap,
it's a synthetic silky fabric.
this is MY favorite
reminds me of my 1st husband :)'s



email us
or call 713.679.1181 & leave a message, we'll get back to you ASAP, promise

Monday, October 15, 2018

Giftables, Our Favorite Scarves EVER


Do You Know What LUSHNESS Is ???

Displaying IMG_1052.JPG 

lushness, to me, is total comfort, plush X10, 
softness, warmth, ultra-nice.

& I'm telling you right now these beautiful pieces
I'm about to show you are
to the highest power

beautiful, giant, square scarves
made of cotton & cashmere
55" x 55"
lots of solid colors and many patterns,
I LOVE every single one of them .
I have one sitting on my lap as I type, and believe me,
I don't know how I'll leave home without it.

(not dead white, just a bit softer in color)












za Winter 2016 Tartan Scarf bufandas Plaid Scarf New Designer Unisex Acrylic Basic Shawls Women's Scarves hot za scarf cuadros

only 2 left in stock

140x140cm Za winter acrylic cashmere tartan plaid scarf brand blanket shawl designer pashmina wrap stole for Lady Women Girl

here's Rachel Zoe wrapped up in one for a
night with her children.  she's very very tiny, remember.

Displaying IMG_1018.PNG

I have many testimonials from purchasers of my merchandise,
all of whom are satisfied.
over the years we have about 1 in 100 shipments returned to us for credit, which we happily give if the merchandise is returned within 30 days of receipt.

these scarfs will SELL OUT
it's time for Christmas shopping to begin in earnest.
these pieces make a great gift for a new mom, for your daughters or daughters-in-law, hostess gifts, mom gifts, teacher gifts
etc. etc. etc.

$ 45.00 each 

(believe me, they are sold for much more elsewhere,
these are nice enough to be at Neiman's or Sak's)
they are a special purchase to me from my vendor.
we'll even gift wrap it for you at no charge

 to purchase, please click PAY NOW icon at top left sidebar
& choose your colors

or call with your credit card # & we will process it ourselves & send you a text receipt
leave a message, it's safe
USA & Canada only 

it actually looks like Fall in Houston today, OUR Fall, that is...
overcast and a chance of rain.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Perfect Outfit for the Weekend

“ Lanyu at New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

going to lunch with girlfriends on Saturday, just because we never all have time
at the SAME time.

Houston is beginning to feel Fall-ish.
that's saying a lot after living through one of our summers.

loving this outfit, monochromatic styling, you could just about wear any kind of shoe, right?
or bag.

and I DO love the necklace. simple little thing that it is, it just looks right.
I'm using jewelry so much less these days.  not sure if it's because I'm older,
or because I find that it's un-necessary most of the time.

I have a pair of beautiful BEAUTIFUL
genuine Turquoise & genuine Aquamarine earrings, clip-on's,  not dangles,
which I could wear every single day (except not with that necklace up there).
and I do wear them a lot, even in the most horrid outfit I am presentable when I wear these earrings.

those earrings & my new Gucci baseball cap.
I had to have it.  wear it all the time, and even the check-out people at the grocer tell me how great it is.  that's where my life is now.  getting compliments about a ball cap.
just makes my day.

one of  my dear girlfriends is coming back to Houston from San Francisco for a week in Houston,
and SUDDENLY, my condo needs a complete re-do.

looking around today I believe I could fit right into an episode of THE HOARDERS.
professional help may be needed.

have a beautiful weekend. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY NEWS.
be free and enjoy life !!!