Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Numbers Game

I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.

At 17

you chafe in frustration
when are you going to be an adult?
& treated like one?
at 18?
it feels like never

At 27

your 20's are so annoying.
now, you're finally an adult.
no one takes you seriously.
will turning 30 finally convince them?

At 39

is life over ?
does life begin at 40 or end at 40 ?
or does youth end at 40 ?
is the best part over, or just beginning?
it's up to you now.
you have the winning cards, play them !

AT 56

is everything waning?
your career, your looks?
where are the men, the opportunity, the jobs, the excitement ?
is it really over, or is there time left?
how much time ?
how much can you still do, and have, and be, before you turn 60 ?
& what then ?
there might still be 1/3 left.
enjoy it !!

At 92

 You have figured it out or are still working on it. 
You know what matters, you’re not confused. 
Every moment counts. 
You know who you want to be with, you recognize true beauty. You are wiser and more creative than ever. 
You exude an inner beauty so powerful that you are beautiful on the outside. 
You’re alternately gentle and fierce. 
You know the answers and share them fearlessly. 
You have the wisdom of the ages, the humor of a lifetime. 
you are brave to have come this far.
now, onward to 100 without stopping, faltering or slowing down
you wear your age like a crown.
& are to be loved, and celebrated & envied.
we worship at your feet.


oh, how fast it goes, doesn't it?
& with this quarantine we are more introspective, thinking of things which really matter - not fluff & stuff.
(though I like fluff & stuff !)

my life has come to a stand still, more or less, not able to plan for anything.  my son says "the Earth needs to heal."  And, he
means the REAL EARTH, not the people.

so, for him, we're giving the Earth a much needed holiday.

maybe he's right ? !!

xx's to all

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday/Thursday Quarantine Days

I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.

Quarantine Dressing
or slightly better & slightly worse


my neighbors brought dinner to 3 of us in the building today.

WooHoo !!!

this, in the spirit of sharing & caring, is what we all need to do while this hideous episode is going on.

I'll admit:  I'm afraid !!


I'm afraid of what we're giving up in order to stay safe.

however, one thing I cannot stand is seeing people posting about FASHION.  Seriously !?

fashion, as we know it, may be gone forever.
everyone is re-thinking of the huge expenditure of putting on the shows so often, the travel, yada yada yada.

as a person who used to be in fashion, I'm agreeing with
those thoughts.

gardening, flowers, veggies, our neighbors, our families, our
cities and our country are the things we should be focused on going forward.  & our local businesses, as I said yesterday.



even it is a bit more expensive

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Shop USA Made Products

I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.

I know, I know, all of us are thinking the same thing.
Buy USA-Made Products.

however, once this is over I hope we remember what we stated so emphatically NOW

we absolutely must learn a new way of shopping, 
cooking, dining out, socializing, etc.

maybe going to the movies will go the way 
of drive-in movie theatres,
'cause most of us would rather PAY to watch the film AT HOME, right?

I am hideously dismayed that other countries ordered "medicinal products" from China,

I'VE HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE, ordering something off InstaGram, and either it never arrives, or when it does (weeks later) it is useless, poorly made, doesn't work at all, and
what can we do about it when it took 5 weeks to receive something?

we absolutely MUST shop locally owned stores, boutiques and/or American-based
luxury stores.   I know every one of you feel the same.


if you were planning a vacation out of the country this year, please reconsider and
go somewhere in the USA.  we have a beautiful country, beautiful national parks, and
some undiscovered towns all over the USA.  

just think  how much the people residing in those destinations will appreciate your visit.

you guys know I LOVE ITALY.
& because they have been hit so hard with the Chinese Corona I may consider going there after a significant period of time.  anyway, the coastline is probably clear, because all the Chinese
people live & work in the North of Italy, where the apparel manufacturing is located.
you see, they imported 100,000 Chinese people to make things which would say

kind of a conumdrum,  right?

I'm cooking for girlfriends tonight. we all live in my building and know we are safe with each other,
and, actually I need some entertainment.

please look on my Ebay shop, where I'll be selling all my LaLaLand Toddler apparel for about what I paid for it, as well as my beautiful scarves, handbags, tabletop stuff and items I love but do not have a place to keep.  trying to eliminate my $300/mo storage fee...with that money I could go on a holiday to New Orleans, Seattle, New York, Chicago, or anywhere in North Carolina or Colorado.

love to all of you
please tell me how you'll handle shopping in the future.
I really want to know.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Monday Mood

I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.

Rockefellar Center Yesterday

& now, on to the day's thoughts:
still in quarentine

it's not bad at all as all the NECESSARY shops/stores are open.
everyone, but me, is wearing masks.
I do put plastic bags over my hands in the grocer, gas station, etc.
& WASH often, then antibacterial wipes around me & everything else, including the steering wheel, etc.

& the really good thing is that I've heard no one complain too much, and just think how much $$$ our LOCAL businesses are 
losing every single day.

thankfully, most of them will have access to the funds the President has provided to small businesses.  I think a "small business" is one who employs 500 people or less.

It is hard not to go to the local outdoor patio dining spots.
I DO miss that.

& now, on to the sad news of the day:
my lovely daughter-in-law has been diagnosed
with Stage 4 Cancer
in her lung & metastasized to her spine.

She will be treated at MD Anderson Hospital here in Houston,
& the physicians have indicated she is curable, but that she
has a long, hard treatment period before her, the 1st one is on Monday, a 4-hour infusion.

they have 4 little kids, aged 4-12.

her name is Gisele.
please add her to your prayers, my friends.

we all know how powerful that is.

sending love to all of you on this beautiful Saturday in Houston.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Isn't This Pretty...

you know how we, as women, 
always dream of a pristine bathroom,

our OWN bathroon

not a shared bathroom with our husbands, etc.


well, except for the double sinks in this one, 
I think it is perfect

perfectly white
separate shower
lots of drawers so "things" are out of sight
the pretty sconces
orderly WHITE towels
(for me, there is NO other color for towels.)

I haven't shared a bathroom in about 30+ years,
so a long time ago, before sags, lumps, round tummy,
& flabby underarms came along.
THAT alone necessitates PRIVACY, doesn't it?

& a little secret I use...
those flimsy little washcloths (white) which come in bundles
at places like Target, etc., are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES
for hand washing, makeup removal (the abrasion from
the washcloth actually exfoliates your face & neck skin)

I use the Micellar water for cleaning, but I used to
use Albolene, wiping it all all, and then washing to face with
DOVE soap, completely bending over the basin, eyes closed,
splashing water over & over again to my face.

I think I'm going back to this routine because then I know my skin is CLEAN, and ready for my night-time skin care products.

believe me, I used Eterna 27 until they quit making it, and it worked like a charm for me.  I lament it's passing.

now I use NARS products & Neutragena Water Gel, which I must say I'm in love with.  It's so effective on my skin, it's silky, not oily, and makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

then, before bed, I clean my feet in my basin with soapy water & a brush, every single night, and  generously apply Aquaphor
then put on one of those little terry socks, the ones from the
Dollar Store, and sleep in them.
feet feel wonderful in the morning.
socks in the washer.

also, I've completely given up nightgowns in favor of
100% Cotton PJ's, there are many pretty ones around.
if my legs are not separated by fabric they tend to get hot & sweat.
now, how horrible is that ?

problem solved:  PJ's
but they must be washable & dryable.
so I buy a size or 2 larger to accommodate shrinkage.
then they're soft & perfect for me.

my dogs thinks they're OK too.

I cover him up every night, the little white Maltese named Bono,
cause I think if I need cover he needs cover.

That does not work, as he prefers to sleep on his back with
all 4 legs up and tummy exposed.
I think they feel confident they're safe when they sleep like that.

& you know what, I feel safe with him near me, in the bed with me. I even like to hear his little snuffling sounds.

true love, I think.

love to you too !!!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Pattern on Pattern, The Layered Look

“living room, Tangier home of Umberto Pasti | Cabana Magazine · Miguel Flores-Vianna

Tangier home of Umberto Pasti 

Search Results

Web resu

Writer, garden-maker, collector and aesthete, Umberto Pasti 
has a gift for turning dreams into reality. 
Twenty years ago, he went on a walk along the coast from Tangier, 
fell asleep under a fig tree and woke knowing he wanted to make a house 
and garden there on the hillside overlooking the ocean.

His gardens are legendary, I'm told.  There are many videos from the NY Times to YouTube of his gardens, which you might want to check out. My thinking is that the flowers  in this photograph ALL came from his property.
Born in Milan in 1957.
a truly elegant gentlelman

Miguel Flores-Vianna, photographer

Friday, March 6, 2020

Estate Sale Find

can you believe these beautiful & whimsical red wine goblets?

each with a little animal on the stem

really one-of-a-kind

I am thrilled because I have a perfect group of china for them !!

Friday, February 28, 2020

New Ways with OLD Things, Part 2 Wedgwood & Faberge Egg Plates

as of 3/5 ALL THIS IS SOLD

OK, here it is:

From my own collection I'm offering the above
on Ebay on my site:

to see ALL of the merchandise I'm selling,
including most of the LaLaLand Toddler Girls Dresses

6 Complete Place Settings

Raspberry Wine Goblets
Devon Rose by Wedgwood Dinner Plates
Devon Rose by Wedgwood Bread/Butter Plates
Faberge Egg Salad Plates

42 pieces total

the Faberge Egg Plates take this beautiful setting to a whole new
level of LUXURY...

not your grandmother's table-setting at all.

Please take a quick look.

Perfect for Brides, Anniversaries, or for YOU !!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Ways with Old Things

Admittedly, I am a collector of all things old & beautiful.

it's an addiction, I truly believe.

because I simply do not need ANYTHING ELSE coming into my small condo apartment as there is NO room for what I already have.  I know you know what I mean !!

but, now...I've found something very creative to do with
some of my vintage and/or antique pieces for tabletop.

I've starting mixing them up!

so keep popping back in to see me as I'm selling 
complete place settings all curated by me.

mostly in sets of 6 complete place settings.

including dinner plates, salad plates, base plates/chargers
& placemats/napkins, napkin rings & even glassware.

these will be dreamy creations curated by me, the former
Fashion Director of Sak's Fifth Avenue, lately designer
of toddler girl's apparel, jewelry maker, world traveller,
& grandmother of 5 littles.

a small example in the above photo.

my aunts & grandmother, and then mother-in-law,
all had collected beautiful things through out their lives.

I have been blessed with much of this.

these images below won't be for sale, they are my FAVORITES.
Arte Italica Sterling Silver Filigree Chargers
Emilia Castillo Black with Sterling Silver Leopards
Battenburg 100% Cotton Placemats & Napkins
Royal Danish Sterling Silver
Antique Napkin Ring

the selections which will be for sale won't be as
dramatic as these, but they are just as wonderful.
anyway, I'll be offering them for sale in the next few days & weeks, the whole 9 yards. 

not 1 place setting at a time,
all 6.

make a great gift to brides, a complete table laid with
beautiful and very hard-to-find vintage/antique pieces
coupled with some modern accessories.

or, if you're a younger reader of my blog and/or Instagram
this could even be FOR YOU !!!

those of you who know me, know I will only sell the best,
you won't find big chips, cracks, soils, spots on anything,
& it will be worth every single penny !!

Cannot WAIT !!!

let me know what you think, please.


also, by request, my Ebay Name is:

Sunday, February 23, 2020

New Eco-Ideas

Spring Things - A Cleaner Clean

well, this is like going back to the OLD WAYS,
which may be the BEST WAYS.

I  think it all depends on your point of view.
your younger ones may be trying harder than we did to be ECO-FRIENDLY,
but WE didn't know we might be causing harm by using plastic, paper towels,
yada yada yada.

anyway, so NEW old-fashioned ideas:

Spring Things - A Cleaner Clean

even though it is still chilly, little things are giving us the hope of spring. And with spring always comes feelingof beginning again, of throwing open the windows, of purging old things and cleaning everything.

If you're like us and looking for ways, however small, to be more eco-conconscious and environmentally aware, here are a few things that will help to create a cleaner spring clean: from unpaper towels (that are actually birdseye cotton) to waffle weave cotton wash clothes and more, here are a few ways to begin the transition to a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.

Spring Things - A Cleaner Clean

flower-sack towels, from Target, make the best wipe-ups,
& absorb more water, I use these for everything in my kitchen,
pop them in hot soapy bleach water to wash & then dry.

they last for years


& I don't know about you, but I absolutely must have a towel
at my bedside (like in the great hotels) because I put lots
of cream & oil on my skin at night, especially feet, then those
fuzzy DOLLAR STORE socks over the oil on the feet.  but the
towels on the floor cannot be terry, the must be LINEN, cause it lasts
forever, always looks beautiful, and they also WASH BEAUTIFULLY.

the WAFFLE WEAVE TOWELS also make a beautiful presentation,
for guests, and again so easy to wash.

all these things INSTEAD of paper towels.

personally, I do not know how to quit paper towels totally, I use VIVA (no other kind of paper towel works for me)
to windex, clean my counter tops, cooktops, & surrounding areas.

also, I've discover the MAGIC of white VINEGAR & DAWN SINK

the combination takes all the white off dinghy glassware !!

imagine that !

& I'm just learning about SILVER CLEANING the really old fashioned way.  actually, I don't like doing this, but I like the result, so in a strange way it is kinda satisfying.


believe it or not
BORIC ACID Powder, Tablics, Chalk
gets rid of bugs, doesn't poison your pets,
or you...& works.

Now, this is the truth:

Diatomaceous Earth
kills bedbugs
get it at any pool suppy store in powder form, it's 100% natural & it works.

my pest control man told me !!