Monday, November 11, 2019

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Italy, You Know How Much I Love It !!

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I was delighted to see the recent selection from Trip Advisor
of the 

& guess what?

one of my favorite, and one of the MOST beautiful, places
is #3 on this amazing list


on beautiful Lake Orta in the lake country of Italy.

my late husband & I spent a week here, touring around the
entire area, even having dinner at the magnificent
Villa d'Este.  he really knew how to treat his wife to brilliant,
never-to-be-forgotten events.

anyway, this is surely a place to put on your 
bucket list

& the read the review on Trip Advisor

you can drive up to the lake country from Milano,
that goodness for GPS because it's so easy to get hopelessy lost
(as I did), or book a car service to take you there, sit back
& enjoy the ride with beautiful scenery.

I mean, literally, there is always something gorgeous to see.

once there, 
like a real Italian would, sleep late, sip espresso,
wonderful wines, and walk everywhere you can.
the lake is right there, take it all in...
you will regret this holiday if you don't slow waaaaay down.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

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darling daughter's photo of one of her son's friends,
taken in Wimberley, Texas on the golf course.

she's wearing one of our 100% Cotton Appliqued T-Shirt Dresses.

so so cute !!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Big Coats & Capes Fall NOW

Iana Godnia for TSE, Fall 2019

perfect Autumn outfit, isn't it?
maybe with tights or leggings too?

loving the casualness of the cape and flats.

&, petite ladies, this look works for you too.

I'm really NOT into big accessories this season.
in fact, the first thing I remove when I come home is

a little gold chain, silver chain, with pendant is enough now.

EARRINGS, of course.

Halloween's coming, I saw all of my grandchildren's costumes
yesterday.  The little girl, Holland Harris, who is 4, is going to be

what else ?

a Ninja
a Power Ranger
a Wonder Woman
a Soldier in Camo

too cute.

we went to see The Addams Family, good for children,
I nearly fell asleep. yawn,
but true to the TV show, the music was great.

love to all.

Thursday, October 17, 2019


from the time I can remember my grandmother, Mom-Mom, laid a beautiful table when she was entertaining the entire family.  a traditional beautiful table.

she taught my brothers and me how to do all this, and to do it properly.  it was a thrill when she
applauded what we had done with the place settings, knives, forks, spoons.

she would tell us where each piece had come from.
it's provenance.

so with the holidays approaching I'm thinking about dinner parties here at my little penthouse apartment (which FYI is on the 3rd floor).  I have a proper dining room, thankfully.

this is the time of year when we begin planning what to serve,
what to wear, and how we will decorate the table.

I have a few pieces of Cobalt Hock Glasses, wines & tumblers
& a decanter.  But, suddenly I want to use red or Cranberry as
that kind of glassware is called.

I've spent a lot of time on Ebay lately.
bought the loveliest salad plates in the old Staffordshire
in the red color.

now, I'm collecting the cranberry glassware.

I've decided to use a HOT PINK tablecloth, overlaid with a
PINK organza tablecloth, which will dress up really well.

I am fortunate enough to have the beautiful
Arte Italica Silver Filigree chargers, which will
be the base plates for the entire table.

and then RED.
red 100%  linen/cotton napkins
sterling silver napkin rings

I have every single piece of crystal imaginable & addidng the cranberry hock glasses will be beautiful.

then at each place setting there will be:
a lacquered little flower pot with a small faux boxwood ball.
just imagine how pretty this will be !

this is only the beginning, my friends.

since my husband passed, and now that I have 5 little
grandchildren, I don't often have the opportunity of entertaining at home.  and this season I want to do it very much.

I'll collect some photos for you guys when the new purchases
arrive and post them right here next time.

also a list of teacher gifts, hostess gifts, neighbor gifts which will not bust the budget.  this is the BEST thing, isn't it?  to find beautiful things everyone will love, but it doesn't cost $$$$$.

more to come.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Hutches & Armoires


I'm in a "re-do" mood right now.  
Suddenly the matte palette of grays isn't making me happy
any longer.  I want COLOR again.

& because I have SO much collected stuff from decades,
"stuff" which is really good stuff, I need more storage
for all these beauties.

so some of the farm-house looks I've been thinking about:



there are many many many "antique" shops, flea markets, in and around Houston, & I'm looking to up-cycle something, maybe something no one else wants,
lacquer it, light it, make it pop !!

I have a great furniture guy (who is in a rock band at night), he does perfect work, but one never knows when he'll be finished.  He just calls up and says he's bringing the pieces.
He does upholstery in the most brilliant way, makes all my pillows, and is totally dedicated
to his craft, which pays the bills while he's trying to become a rock star.

what started this is a Kantha Quilt
which is a kinda washed-out pale yellow with chinoiserie-like
flowers & birds...which, coincidentally, happens to blend
very very very well with a beautiful upholstered Bergere chair
I've had for a long time.  This quilt is going over my sofa,
which is currently gray silk (not one bit practical), so that
my grands and my dog can be comfortable.

Voila, the COLOR I wanted.

And, then the chest.

It will change the entire scheme of things around here,\
& I'm looking forward to it.

What do you guys think?

Did you see  President Trump's rally last night in Louisiana?
He brought the entire Little League Baseball Team, World
Champions, who are from Louisiana, on Air Force 1 along with him for the ride.  The most special gesture, I think.
Then he had them on stage with him.

He said some words I wish he hadn't said, but with the absolute lack of can't didates on the Dem side, I do not have a choice.

On the flip side of this, I actually believe he has done a great many good things for our country.  I wish we had a congress
who would work together, but it is what it is, until 
decide to change it by VOTING.


Have a beautiful weekend.
It's in the 50's f today in Houston.


Monday, October 7, 2019


Hi everyone,
living in Houston, where it's in the 80's today, it's
difficult to think we're in

however, fashion says it's FALL now !

I recently came to the realization that one of the many
reasons why I love Fall is the way I shop & dress.
Transitioning to a cooler season means simplicity - 
less flair, fads or color and more urbanity.
sophistication & ease.

One of the reasons I love 
Brochu Walker.
Max Mara 


I know this type of BIG COAT is huge this season.
I have 2 of them, both YEARS old, but still
beautiful as I take such good care of my things.

I'm still not sure about wearing tenni's like this,
however, I did buy some high-top leopard ones,
as well as leopard booties and a new pair of leopard sandals,
but the white tennis shoe looks out of place to me, and/or I'm too old to "get it."


& when I hear all you petite girls tell me you can't wear this stuff, I DIE.
Look at Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, they are MAJORLY PETITE
& everything they wear is OVER-SIZED.

Lafayette 148 New York Cullen Supreme Double-Face Button-Front Reversible Jacket

I am just SO busy with LaLaLand, the Toddler Girls Apparel line,
that blogging is often neglected these days in favor of posting something on InstaGram.

do you guys do this too?

we're working to put all the Fall/Holiday
merchandise on the LaLaLand website right now.

there is a clickable link up top left sidebar.

we have almost everything in stock as we've just done
2 back to back Trunk Shows in other cities.

Happy Fall, my darling friends.....

just me
"she is always, and never, the same"

Friday, October 4, 2019


Image result for illustration american flag

it is time for all of us Americans to demand
Washington DC
do something on behalf of our country,
and forget about all this political haranguing.

WE pay their salaries.

If we don't pay their salaries WE go to jail.

I am stunned that we cannot watch TV without this
insanity intruding into our lives.

I mean, even Jimmy Fallon occasionally rants.
& I like Jimmy Fallon.

Here, in Texas, we have news of all types, even news in Spanish.
I think I've heard every single argument for/against
any position.

But, I make up my own mind.

I don't let the "media" decide for me.  Especially now,
when we mostly have opinions and NOT news.

If you read this, please reach out to everyone you know to 
your State Congressmen and both your US Congressmen &
the US Senators.

The homeless crisis is pure insanity.

This country can solve ANY problem once the politicians
WORK on solving problems.

I know some of you will disagree with me.
Some of my friends might actually believe the Democrats
are right.  

I do not.

And, even people who did not vote for President Trump
last time are going to vote for him this time.

Our economy is great.  The Wall-Streeters will definitely
vote for him.

For all of you guys in California, Oregon &
Washington, who only hear propaganda, I'm begging you to find another way to get the real news.

For myself, my goal and that of my good friends here in Houston, is to change ONE PERSON'S mind.

Let me know your thoughts, pro or con, please.

But don't be mean.

One of my girlfriends who lives in another state told me a couple of years ago that our President is uneducated and ignorant.
Look it up!

What if he de-nukes North Korea?
He's trying to keep America out of regional wars.
He loves the military.
Employment is the best ever.
The stock market is the best ever.

What's wrong?
politics !!!