Thursday, January 18, 2024

Let’s See Who Stops In


Ive decided I have time to post again after a year away. There is so much going on in our world and so many of my fellow bloggers talk about this, so I’m talking fashion, fine dining, lifestyle and fun. 

This is a pic of my former living room. My current abode is about this size, the entire place. I’m decluttering, donating, selling & putting in storage for my kids. 

This means I only have the things I love very much around me now. 

My dog for certain ! 

My first selection, which I could not wear now, is from Lela Rose. I have many of her pieces, including a bright red strapless ball gown with a red matching cape, all in silk taffeta. I can never get rid of this ball gown because I have such great memories and also because I like looking at it.

Love to all of you
God bless America

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The State of Affairs




Well, it's been a long time since I posted a NEW BLOG POST, using INSTAGRAM instead, where my user name is marshaharrisscotthouston

I've decided to return to blogging, at least for now, because I miss the long format, and actual conversations we have, virtually or not.

I am so very sad at the mess our country is in, and I know each of us feel this way, no matter which side we are on.  Where has kindness, patience, integrity gone?  What has happened to the population who think they can destroy & loot?  And, that it's OK to do all this?

There are  many problems in my own family right now, extraordinary ones to say the least.  My beautiful daughter-in-law has been undergoing Stage 4 cancer treatments at MDAnderson for the past 18 months.  She and my son have 4 little children aged 6-13. They all need this woman to stay here on Earth with us.  We have many prayer groups going on, and I believe the next round of experimental medicine may show some good signs toward healing her.   

My daughter is suffering multiple problems with starting a new home remodeling business, maybe has a bi-polar disorder, having an 8-year old son, a divorce behind her, a new fiance (who doesn't know how to deal with her). Stress 24/7 for her, which she is unable to deal with appropriately.  Her mama, me, is of no help because she won't allow it.

Throughout the Covid lockdown, I found myself returning to JEWELRY MAKING, as it's creative and calming.  Thankfully, Houston has returned completely to normal, and it is so wonderful to actually go out to dinner with friends again.

The jewelry I'm making is mostly fashion jewelry which I will sell at local casual markets on weekends here in Houston.  I don't have the ability to sell to big retailers any longer (which means I'm too OLD).  I'll post some pictures of the stretchable bracelets & necklaces soon.

Above photo is of my little hostas garden area, which has brought me much pleasure.  Houston is so hot, and the sun so bright, I had to find a perfect shady spot to try to out.  Of course, I water 2 times a day to maintain the lushness, but that is also very satisfying.

I've missed you guys !!











Thursday, November 12, 2020



I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

To Blog or Instagram? This is the Question

I have so much fun on InstaGram perhaps I'm addicted.

but, if so, it's a good addiction as I meet and re-visit so many virtual friends from around the world.

& I'm wondering:  has IG taken the place of blogging?

now, another subject...a new book

Cover art

I've only just started this new book, but it's already wonderful !!!

Highly recommend !!


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Funny Thing Happened to Travel

Where Travelers Will Go and How Much They'll Spend on August Trips Around the World, According to Amex Data

martin-dm/Getty Images

Travelers around the world are making the most out of August travel.

This story originally appeared on

International travel may be largely off the table right now, but that hasn’t stopped travelers around the world from planning big domestic vacations, according to a new American Express survey shared with Travel + Leisure.

In the UK, 69 percent of residents surveyed plan to travel domestically within the next three months and a total of 47 percent of Mexican residents, 45 percent of Japanese, and 40 percent of Americans are planning for the same.

Conversely, a large majority of people are sticking within their borders with only 12 percent of Americans surveyed planning to leave the country. That’s in line with travel restrictions as there are only a few countries that welcome Americans and even fewer that don’t have conditions in place.

Phynart Studio/Getty Images

“While many are uncertain about when their next trip will be, the magic of travel is still very much something our customers are interested in with travel playing an integral role in their lifestyle,” President of American Express Travel, Audrey Hendley, told T+L. “For those interested in traveling right now, this is the summer of last-minute getaways.”

While they may be forced to stick closer to home, the survey found travelers aren’t skimping on domestic vacations. In Japan, 57 percent of people plan to spend over $1,400 on travel in the next month. In the UK, 36 percent plan to spend over $1,050, and in the U.S., 34 percent plan to spend more than $800.

Those who are traveling are largely hitting the road, opting for a car trip over getting on a plane, according to the survey. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed from six different countries plan to take a road trip in the next three months, while only 30 percent expect to fly somewhere.

Even less — 10 percent — anticipate getting on a cruise ship. While cruises have started to sail in Germany and Taiwan again, in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has extended its “No-Sail Order” for ships that can carry at least 250 passengers until October.

The survey was conducted online from June 26 to July 7 among 1,000 people who said they took a trip by air at least once in the past 12 months in Mexico, Canada, the UK, Japan, and Australia, and from June 23 to June 25 in the U.S. among 2,000 people who flew at least once in 2019.

Friday, July 17, 2020

A New Point of View

Just a while back, I couldn't imagine my cupboards looking like this, stocked up with all kinds of fresh-ness...
why?  Because I'm only 1 person & it's HARD to cook for 1.
I usually go out to dinner with friends, just casual.

But, now, with the lockdowns continuing, it is just safer & easier to COOK AT HOME, isn't it?

& as I live in a highrise condo building, when I cook I share.

I let my list of recipients know I'm cooking, and they either come get it & take it home or I deliver to their front door.

No Contact, or Not Much.

the building is safe as all of us residents understand what we need to do, and while we DO NOT LIKE what we must do, 
we do it anyway.

getting back to the photograph,
I'm kinda liking all this fresh-ness showing
& being able to smell the goodness.

what's up with you guys?

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.


Washington, D.C. in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph ...

here we are in July 2020 
& I feel like we are in the YEAR FROM HELL.
I know all of you do, as well.

Quarantined for weeks, months.
maybe there are some good things in this as families are realizing the actually can get along with each other, learning new ways to do almost everything, from home-schooling to cooking.
husbands & wives at home together, all the time.

grocery and pharmacy runs seem to be the only things I do.
except to have dinner with friends.

Houston has re-shut down about half-way again.
50% occupancy in the restaurants, all staff wearing masks & gloves, patrons required to wear masks until seated.
it actually takes the ambiance out of the experience, therefore, making getting "take-out" so much better.

my darling daughter-in-law, who has been undergoing
treatment for cancer at MDAnderson here in Houston
had successful surgery yesterday.
NO ONE can be with her !!
not even her husband, my son.
& that is tragic !!

she is going to be a cancer survivor, but I'm certain there
will be follow-up treatments for a long time.

we feel blessed by our Lord on this one.
they have 4 little kids, ages 4-12, so many many many obligations to take care of them all.  my son has been a trooper throughout, and so has her sister.

Houston is HOT.
my puppy has a skin infection which we are still treating,
& must be washed 2X a week with a special shampoo to
ward off the spread.

My nails & toes !!!

My hair, I can do it myself, even trimming, so I'm OK there.

here in my condo building, there are a few of us who are good friends, and we've discovered cooking for a gang is as easy as cooking for one.
so, some days my dinner is just left in front of my door!
& I do the same when I cook.
so there's no obligation to go anywhere unless we want to.

how are you guys faring?

I wish the Presidential election was tomorrow so
we could get all this mess over with.

& if President Trump gets re-elected let us all pray
that there will be no more anti-Trump crap going on.
the Congress needs to govern, not make up allegations,
all of which have been proven untrue, and get on with
the business of WE THE PEOPLE.

sending love...

Sunday, July 5, 2020

On The Radar

I've opened an EBay Shop
where you will find the children's apparel, beautiful scarves, handbags,
& tabletop items, including complete placesettings for 6,  designed by me
from years of collecting.


darling little sundress ON SALE @ Bergdorf's
Cecilie Bernsen

Image 1 of 5: Emilia Square-Neck Babydoll Cami

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Houston Today

with the pandemic still around, and with an awfully lot of people still at home, I wanted you guys to see a beautiful OUTDOOR/INDOOR space in Houston.

with our HEAT in summer, 
it is almost impossible to just be OUTSIDE.  
we've gotta be undercover and plenty of fans 
or outright AIR CONDITIONING to survive.

in love with this great space, TV, outdoor kitchen, plenty of room

only thing missing is a great big POOL.

With the coronavirus changing lifestyles and cocooning at home becoming the new norm, attractive outdoor spaces become more important to the homeowner. (Photo courtesy of Frankel Building Group)