Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Rocked Out LBD

from Bergdorf-Goodman
way too young for me, but boy-oh-boy I would have SO WORN
this when I could have worn it !!

now about the handbag:

this is genuine pebbled leather, with a beautiful interior, side pockets
it's like a bucket bag & a tote bag
nice hardware, really great strap

this bag costs me $77 each + shipping costs
pre-order now for $99 + shipping/handling fee

they are going to be in the Holiday Show at the Houston Country Club,
the girls on the committee saw this bag and LOVED IT !!
I'll price it at $175.00 for the show, and I know we will sell out.

13.78in wide x 6.30in x 17.72in high

all hardware is GOLD
adjustable strap
pebbled leather inside fold-over at top
zip pocket
I'm inquiring about the rest of the lining,
maybe NYLON for easy care



more like a Tomato Red
not FireEngine Red









I didn't order the PINK or the LAPIS, but if you want those colors we can get them for you.

I've shown so many photos of the ORANGE
because that's the color of the
University of Texas
& THAT COLOR sells in Texas !

happy shopping !


Friday, September 14, 2018

Ruffles & Feathers

designer bag




clickable icon left sidebar to purchase

great gifts for our girls, ladies
take a look at the recent runways,
ruffles, feathers are EVERYWHERE

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


as I Houstonian I've been through many hurricanes of varying intensities,
as you can imagine.

All of them are completely unpredictable.

So BE PREPARED for the worse !!!

Here's a photo of Houston's "Harvey" last year.
Talk about devastation of the entire city

the is our downtown business center in the background of this photo
where our performing arts venues are located
the theatre, the opera, the symphony & the ballet
all flooded.  A never-in-a-lifetime expectation.

Interstate 45 submerged in Houston with parked cars and trucks

thankfully, men came from everywhere in boats with enough gasoline to take care of their needs,
military trucks arrived by the thousands, and PEOPLE ARRIVED BY THE 1000's to come
help in any way they could

those of us who were spared helped in many many many ways.
my son & his friends loaded up truck after truck for baby stuff to take to the Convention Center,
our friends rounded up horses, goats, sheep, cattle and moved them to higher ground so they
would be safe.

Hurricane Florence is going to be terrible.

Reach out to our citizens and offer help, even if you live in Chicago or Las Vegas.
They will need you!
Houston had help from everywhere and we loved all the many people and excelled in very dangerous and difficult situations.

We'll be there for the Florence damage if you need us.

Sending love to all in it's path.

Let us know what you need.
We'll mobilize for you.

There's gotta be someone like JJ Watt in your part of our country.
JJ should be an inspiration to all who are well-known and will get out there & HELP.

sending love & prayers from Houston to each of you in the areas in danger.

main thing:
don't be silly, get out while you can !!

Monday, September 10, 2018


appliqued 100% Cotton T-Shirt Dresses
18mo - 6 girls

in the web-shop, all sizes available now


for early Fall




SIZES 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 

Cotton Waffle Weave

Hooded Sweater Coat with Faux Fur TopKnot

available at
LaLaLand Kids
clickable icon top left
or email us

delivery end of September

on the site.

please check it out and refer to your friends
if possible.

I would so appreciate it.

my son, along with his 4 children,
ages 3,5,7,10
are doing a professional photo shoot
for me.

he's a commercial photographer,
has all the models available to me.
I've got all the clothes.
going to a wonderful new park in Houston,
just for kiddos to do the shoot.
I'm so excited to see what comes out of it all.


Friday, September 7, 2018

A Beautiful Front Doorway

in the South of the USA, because our weather is more temperate,
most of our beautiful homes have very grand entrances,
always landscaped with flowers and flowering plants.

like this beauty

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Another Photo Shoot

Pink and Orange Chunky Beaded Necklace perfect for Fall!! #babygirl #photoprop #chunkynecklace #necklace #babybling #halloween #fall #halloweencostume #jamieraehats #photoinspiration #photography

in advertising the saying is:

"sell the sizzle, not the steak "


this is why we shot enchantment of childhood and NOT the exact garment she is wearing.

LaLaLand Girl's Collection

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Photo Shoot

Party Ideas Magazine - Sponsor ads from $25 !!! great for lifestyle blogger, party stylists, events planners, cake designers...

for LaLaLand Girl's Collection

isn't it wonderful?

From Architectural Digest



Don't Say I Didn't Tell You !!

One-Button Embellished-Shoulder Lightweight Wool-Silk Tux Blazer

Blast From the Past
& it's everywhere for Fall/Holiday

& if Alexander McQueen is doing it, the house on the cutting edge of everything new, the herd will follow (& they have)

Velvet and Feathers Pouch Bag
feather handbags !!

& know what?  I have a closet full of these little dainty & whimsical pieces, all from 15-20 years ago; just about ready to send them to re-sale...when ALL OF A SUDDEN they're BACK too!

Sequin Double-Breasted Blazer w/ Fringe

shiny & glittery
just like the days of DYNASTY
tops, dresses, pants, leggings, jackets,
seriously EVERYTHING

So Full Kate Studded Metallic Leather Red Sole Booties

Tie-Neck Long-Sleeve Animal-Print Jacquard Blouse

OMG, I had this same outfit from Escada.
I wore it out.
Completely wore it out.  Frayed Collar and all.
But, you get the idea, I know.

electric colors, sparkle & shine.

Sequin-Embellished Dolman Top

now, this piece would make a great Christmas gift for daughters, nieces, etc.,
if not for yourself.

goes anywhere, except maybe to the grocer !

Metallic Button-Front Blazer

shiny blazer !!!

now, you know that I know WE all wore these !
they cost a bit more now, but what impact.
these are Tom Ford, but there will be copies everywhere, I promise

& worse case, the palazzo pants are back too.
I cannot show an image of hem because I hated them back then.  You have to be 6' tall and skinny as a rail for that silhouette to look good, slim, tiny top above.
nope. not for me this time.

High Waister Sequin Tweed Trousers

the story, I think, is that we must have at least ONE
NEW PIECE of the season.

what's it to be for you?

for me, I'll reprise a leather Escada bomber jacket,
bronze/gray snakeskin-look,
that is still in my closet because it's just so beautiful and
because it's been worn about 3 times.

OK, so tell me?
what will you bring out
what will you purchase