Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Little Night Music


I do love a sparkling dinner table, don't you?

What do you suppose those little round things 
are in the little compotes?

Friday, February 15, 2019

LaLaLank for Kids The NEWEST Group

Note to Houston Ladies

Trunk Show @ Bering's on Westheimer Saturday March 2nd
NOON - 4:00 PM

Our  New Blue & White Group
(some styles also come in PINK )

All Are Cotton

below, precious pin-stripe summer dress, flutter sleeves, pockets
perfect for vacation
Sizes 2T - 6T


more of a "dressy summer dress"
"V" Back with Bow Tie
2T - 6T


Precioius 2-Piece Outfit
Cotton Pucker Fabric
3T - 12 Girls

$ 35.00



Gingham Print Cotton Sun Dress
V Back with Bow

2T - 7 Girls



Wonderful Blue & White 2-Piece Outfit
also comes in PINK
2T - 7 Girls


all these styles being added to web shop during the next 3 days.

if you want to 


please email me at

we will send you an invoice payable with
any credit card
delivery:  2 weeks


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Little Girl Needs Help, Please Read

as most of you guys know, my daughter, Vanessa, lives in our Texas Hill Country,
in Wimberley, Texas.

she has a 5-year old son named Colt.
Coltie goes to school with a beautiful little girl, Tessa Hinds.

little Tessa has a large lump on her beautiful little face
which has been diagnosed as a rare
Veno/Lymphatic Tumor

imagine !  

this little one must undergo Chemotherapy as treatment.

her family lives in this small town and my daughter tells me they have no way of paying
the medical expenses which will be incurred.

someone has started a "Go Fund Me" page for Tessa,
& my daughter has asked me to tell each of my readers about their plight.

at this time, with all the illegal immigration stuff going on in the news,
and knowing that they get everything FREE, I am shocked to find out that
our American children are denied treatment which could save their lives.
Just because.
you know?

Wimberley, Texas is about 1 hour from Austin and 1 hour from San Antonio,
where her treatments will take place.
Wimberley is a beautiful little town, where country farmers and ranchers make up the
population.  It is a place filled with quaint little shops, for week-end visitors, but is certainly not a place where high-paying jobs exist, or maybe where everyone has insurance, unless they're retired and on MediCare, which her family is not.

Here is a link to her GO FUND ME page 

I, personally, have nothing to do with this, except to help out as much as I can.

This request is coming from my daughter, who is a mother of a small child.

She told me she called the dad and told him we were going to use social media to help them...and he started crying.   Hearing this made me cry.

this is why we're here, folks.  to help one another.

please pass along the request if you think it warrants it.

thank you guys so very much for reading !!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Cashiers, North Carolina, A View To DIE For

one of our friends just purchased a beautiful home site, of considerable size,
where she will begin building soon.

she has the most amazing home in Hunt, Texas, always open for her friends, family, dogs, etc.
this gorgeous home was built a few years back, she and her husband collaborated on every single
thing.  she told me he spent 4 years digging/exploring for arrowheads (or points, as they are properly called) and, finally, she said he had 2 more months to finish so the house could be completed.
and by completed she meant with a regulation sized tennis court, and all the appropriate
surroundings, a pool fit for a country club, and a guest house or two.

so, we already know the place in Cashiers will be wonderful.
looking at these photos just makes me swoon.

how about you?  wouldn't it be fun to be her houseguest when she gets it all together?


Saturday, February 9, 2019

From One Extreme to the Other

my last post showed a shockingly beautiful long glittery gown from

today I'm showing you what my next purchase will be:

Cotton Floral Striped Shirt

this Spring Shirt from Chico's, find it here.

& Chico's has SALES often so one can probably get it for a discount at some point.

to me this is an awesome piece because it's almost a jacket in Houston's summers.

anyway, my take on cuteness for today.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, February 1, 2019

Max Mara - The Nantucket Collection DOUBLE AWESOME

Model Hailey Baldwin appears in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket collection campaign

modeled by Hailey Baldwin Beiber the Italian line collaborated with Anthony Baratta, an American interior designer who offices in NYC.  His work is extremely colorful, so he was a perfect choice for these fabric designs.

I LOVE MaxMara, and this look is a major departure from their normal sleek, sophisticated, elegant pieces, but I LOVE THIS COLLECTION too.

If you're not afraid of this look, read on please....

Hailey Baldwin stars in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket spring 2019 campaign
A photo from the Weekend MaxMara Nantucket campaign with Hailey Baldwin
Prints take the spotlight for Weekend MaxMara Nantucket collection

Gingham print stands out in Weekend MaxMara Nantucket spring 2019 collection

Weekend MaxMara unveils spring 2019 Nantucket capsule collection campaign

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I Saw This Image...

“3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware
Inst @jessmrgn98

and I knew I had to go there,
whereever it is in the world.

it's in Chicago, the frozen land of Chicago, 
the 3 Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware.

not on your life


Wine Bar 2

kinda makes one swoon to be there, doesn't it?
I love Chicago and I've been there many times when it was BLIZZARD CONDITIONS,
& I still got out there in my layer upon layer of clothing and walked to the Chicago Institute of Art,
and thought I was having a wonderful time.
to me, the city is beautiful!
I think because it's on the lake and you can see that water from almost everywhere.

we have a beautiful city here in Houston, but we are 50 miles inland, though we have
a huge port (which was man-made, btw), so there is no water view anywhere.

and water views are MY thing!


anyway, the restaurant serves haute "simple" food 
with a lavish flourish.
so American, isn't it?

Friday, January 25, 2019

A New Way

“12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project - Wit & Delight

I would never have thought of this, but I love it!

so unexpected, and yet so interesting, and so NEW-LOOKING.

just a collection of many pieces, artfully arranged, makes for a very interesting space,

do you agree?