Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Most Inspirational Woman in Texas

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most
wonderful women on earth, my friend for decades,

Warner Roberts

Everything in her life is beautiful,
she's a wife to a fabulous man, a wonderful mother
of 2 adult boys/men, she loves her daughters-in-law,  a grandmotherwho never misses any event the children have & a friend forever to
the people she adores. 
She's a community inspiration, has raised literally
$MILLIONS for charities.
And, inspires everyone she knows to be the best
they can possibly be. 

She was a top model in New York, a cover girl & more,
she now writes a feature article for an important
magazine, where she does in-depth interviews of
people you would know. 
In Houston & Texas she is an ICON.

Her personal signature is a

I've made many jewelry pieces for her, every necklace must have
heart(s) somewhere...and for her it looks perfect!

There is an inlaid heart in the marble floor of her entry hall.

And, when she gives gifts they are always "heart-shaped."
I have a table with "Warner gifts" collected over
the life of our friendship, with her photograph nessled
between all of them.  Every time I look at her face, I
smile with the delight of knowing her & being her friend.

The photos below are for her, hearts from everywhere in every genre.

a gift from God to Warner, nature's way

astral time-travellers left this awaiting Warner's arrival

no one could have done this, could they?  except as a gift
to Warner

way out in West Texas a cactus grows wild
into a heart-shape, another gift from Mother Nature
to Warner

a skyscape, only for Warner, luckily captured on film

majestic trees come together one day to form a heart...
just for Warner

elephants, kissing
who says all creatures don't share love

a simple wedding band, makes a heart shadow,
& someone brilliant captured this
photo just for Warner

hand-made soaps made in London by a darling woman
who is a dog groomer

actually, this was at one of Warner's parties

pink pink pink

Warner will enjoy this whimsical tribute,
and she will know even more then she did before that

my precious friend

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Cheers to you baby-doll for creating & sustaining a
wonderful, beautiful life for everyone in your family.

XXOOXX's forever


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