Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blonde Bombshells

In a very unique way I made this comparison.
Pam Anderson has been on many talk shows recently relative to her
appearance on Dancing With The Stars.

She was on the other night with Larry King
and I was noticing her movements,
her hair, her attitude (which BTW was extremely nice), her sweetness,
her caring about animals & her sons.

Suddenly, it came to me.
Brigitte Bardot and Pam Anderson
are the same woman,
just different times.

There was no plastic surgery for Brigitte, that is
probably the biggest difference.

What do you think?

Does this mean men,
and/or all of us,
are still attracted to a beautiful blonde
with long straight hair parted in the middle?

Not saying they are the most beautiful, but they are
definitely icons of a certain style.
 This is total I must go and concentrate
on hats for the Kentucky Derby.
Mint Juleps, anyone?
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Paris Atelier said...

I love this post! Who knew!?! I agree they are so similar and the Sexy Blond formula works through all ages! :)

Karena said...

We are all attracted to beauty, the allure of sensual beings. Those who aren't fearful of being themselves!

Art by Karena

LouBoo said...

I'll have a Mint Julep...its 7.26am but hey... ;-)

I think these photos attest to their beauty and of course men still use that definition (as do women I guess). Isn't it something to do with symmetry and shape of the face and the blonde hair - its non-threatening? LB x


Another good post, why people go for log blonde hair is it some sort of symbol?
Enjoy the Kentucky Derby hope you have a grand time.


Inspiration in Italy said...

I'm a new follower here! I found your blog through the lovely Simone of The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. :) I am loving your blog, and in this post I can definitely see a comparison here, however I like Brigitte a lot more than Pam.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Simone said...

Oh, I just knew that was Brigitte Bardot, even from the tiny little photo on my sidebar!!!

She is gorgeous, just unbelievably sexy (and so French!), she oozes sex wonder everyone went crazy for her. A woman of substance too. I really admire that she threw herself into other causes and didn't go the surgery route.

Pamela Anderson is of course famous over here altho is probably not seen quite as much on TV and in the press here these days etc as in the US. I have always quite liked her I have to say - and I am really liking her on DWTS, she has such a great attitude which is actually very refreshing.

I guess with Pamela, her sexuality is more overt and has just been created in a slightly different way to BB, but then we live in different times.

Very good post Marsha, I really enjoyed it.

Now.....let's talk about those mint juleps....can you believe I have NEVER had one??!! xo

Anonymous said...

No, no and no! Brigitte is one and only icon, and all other blond Pams are only bad imitations! Ne comparez jamais l`Original avec les mauvaises imitaions!

SPLENDEROSA said... to me
show details 9:02 AM (9 minutes ago)

This print is SO LIGHT, I can hardly read it but .... your observations are astute. They ARE the same person. Brigette had something more special, I think. Don't know exactly what, but something. I do like Pam Anderson, though, and I think without her on Dancing this year, I wouldn't watch.

Think hats!

Love, love, love

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

I have been watching Dancing with The Stars and something about Pamela......I think it's her teeth for me, LOL! She looks lovely to me when she talks and smiles=0)


sarah, flourish design + style said...

You are so right + I would love to join you for mint juleps.. something tells me you would be full of fabulous stories.. you've got a new follower! xx