Tuesday, April 20, 2010

& the hostess will wear...

My lovely friend,
Catherine, over at The Shiny Pebble
is hosting a 2-month-long every Wednesday Interior Design Challenge,
Virtual Re-do of her Lovely Dining Room
featuring 8 fabulous designers.


please join her at

Roster of VIP Interior Designers

4/21 Raina Cox, If The Lampshade Fits

4/28 Christina Fluegge, Greige

5/05 Beth Connolly, Chinoiserie Chic

5/12 Amy Forshew, Pemberley Style

5/19 Charlotta Ward, Space for Inspiration
5/26 Leigha Oaks, Elle Oh 

6/02 Kellie Collis, Ada and Darcy

6/09 Gwen Driscoll, Ragland Hill Social

Now, why am I telling you?
And, this is important, you guys...
Catherine asked me to wardrobe her, outfit and jewelry...
something to go with the room makeovers
done by these immensly talented & diverse women.
And, money is no object...music to my ears.

So, 1st maybe visit Catherine on Wednesday, today,
& see what Raina Cox has designed for the room,
and what I have to work with.

this is the board I was given, so even I hadn't seen the finished product
when I chose the following outfit & jewelry
&, ladies, this was my 1st choice for Catherine
...we looked at others, but this outfit won.

Dries Von Noten, Spring 2010

 Multi-Strands Freshwater Pearls, Vintage Discs & Chain,
with Sterling Silver

Earrings, Vermeil Pear-Shaped Dangles

 My thinking on this being that we had some lovely dark blues
to work with in the room,
as well as some gold tones. 

The hostess needed to POP though, so the gold blouse,
necklace & earrings.

The astonishing pants, while not for everyone, have the absolute
right color and the vibe to perfectly coordinate with the wallpaper &
the rug, and give a bohemian semi-sorta casual, hip look,
perfect for at-home entertaining by a young wife.

Also, switch the pants for a black pair & you have
another entirely different look.
Switch the blouse to gray, voila, another one.

The jacket, which can come off, is charcoal black
(softer then black) with a beautiful band of ivory;
a multi-purose item which can be worn over & over.

Dries Von Noten Apparel: Jacket $1,129; Silk Shirt $745; Pant $668;
 Faux Pearl & Glass Bead Necklace $760
Splenderosa Necklace $295, Earrings $95

or as most of us will do, find things similar at a much lower price point
and create your own outfit,
except for my jewelry, of course!!

What do you guys think?

Is the ensemble a

Hit or Miss?

please, do not be afraid you will offend me...
just tell the truth as you see it.
remember, my task was an outfit befitting the room


  1. Fabulously perfect outfit for Catherine and her dining design by Raina!!

    Art by Karena

  2. If I were dressed to the nines, like that, I think I would want to have a dinner party there immediately! What a great hit!

  3. To be very honest I think it fits the room perfectly, spectacular job!!
    hugs DJ

    ps thank you for your lovely comments, you gorgeous girl.

  4. I think its a hit!I think your necklace and earrings are beyond fantastic!I actually like them much more than Dries Von Noten necklace. I really enjoyed this post and wish I could join beautiful Catherine. I will be looking forward to seeing final results.:-)

  5. Oh my gosh, HIT! Such a hit, love it! Seriously, not just saying that. I love deep, jewel-toned colors. Oh, and by the way, you are so talented! Those dangle earrings are stunning!

  6. Alright, I am thinking that my first message didn't make it past my inability to adapt to these blogger comments...

    I absolutely loved what you did. It was right on with the design of the room and the persona of the hostess that lives in that house. I absolutely adored your gorgeous necklace!!!! That piece is timeless and can be worn with all sorts of different styles. Get that Etsy started will you?

    Hugs and Kisses

  7. Do I ever love the hammered gold.
    Beautiful post. Like a lot of it. yvonne

  8. OMG I absolutely LOVE it! And that necklace is to die for Marsha! Another item to add to my Wednesday Wishes :)


  9. what an impressive list of VIP designers!
    i think you did a lovely job with the inspiration board...and that can be tough to do!
    xox alison

  10. What I think is you're very brave! Way to go!

  11. LOVE the earrings! So gorgeous! Have a beautiful Saturday! ;) Ashlee


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