Thursday, April 29, 2010

Need to Know, Kentucky Derby Affairs

official Kentucky Derby poster 2010

Barnstable Twins Raise Funds With Annual Derby Party

Patricia (Brown) and Cybil Barnstable
attend the Kentucky Derby each year
and throw the biggest gala the night before. 

Their guests are Hollywood royalty,  rockstars,  famous athletes, 
 Kentucky's landed gentry, world reknown horse people and,
of course, politicians.

They were once the Doublemint Twins,
but now they give back, double-time.

Patricia Barnstable Brown and Priscilla "Cybil" Barnstable,
as well as their mother,  Wilma Barnstable,
have been throwing the biggest Derby gala for years for celebrities
in hopes of raising money for the UK Medical Center’s diabetes center
which the family established.

Barnstable-Brown Home

"The twins and their mother are tireless fundraisers
and effective business people
who successfully engage people from all over the country,
& even the world,  in this cause,"

They are fun, tenacious about this work
and they throw an incredible party."

Celebrities come from east, west, north and south
and from each corner of the world to attend
not just the Kentucky Derby each year,
but also to attend the hottest party on Derby eve:
the Barnstable Brown Gala,
hosted by the sisters & mother. 

 This is the golden ticket to the Derby events.

Anyone who is anyone attends this party it seems.
It’s not just a good opportunity for celebs to let their hair down,
enjoy live music and have a great dinner.
It’s also about a good cause.

 Imagine, ladies, private parties, breakfasts, brunches, luncheons,
cocktail parties, dinners, then after-parties?
And, you must have an outfit for each function,
as all the same people will be at every single one!!

So, I guess we'll see each other there...

some of my favorite Derby hats
all from Jill Henning

I own the above hat, called Meredith, which she made for me in
different shades of pink with a white base, the effect of the sheer fabric,
which is stiff, is lovely.  As shown, the hat looks extremely busy &
misses being elegant, but believe me, the piece she made for me was
a show-stopper.
one of my girlfriends had this one 

Her photography needs to be better,
 & you will see little thumbnails on her website of her
entire collection. She will make-to-order.

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NYC, Style & A Little Cannoli,

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Macy's Spring Flower Show,

today's was shot inside the store,
every countertop filled with fresh flowers...
truly a sight to behold:


the continuing story of Mom-Mom & Chantelle

who manage to get involved with all sorts of girly things,  

will appear on


They received a lovely invitation to attend

The Kentucky Derby


 all the parties & festivities surrounding this event.

of course, there will be hats