Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Land is Your Land

This land is my land...

Sonoma County, California

all photos in this series, QT Luong, TerraGalleria Photography
as provided by my son, his friend

Tall Redwood Trees in Morning Mist
Redwood National Park

A few years ago I decided to take my husband and myself to San Francisco,
rent a car and drive to Mendocino in Northern California, close to
the Oregon border.  I had always wanted to see the coastline and
Mendocino has a Jazz Festival every summer
and I knew Ned would enjoy that.
All I can say is that I am so glad we had a GPS in the rental car. 
I have never driven anywhere on a vacation so, to me,
this was an adventure.

What I discovered was far more than I could ever have imagined.

As we approach Earth Day on Thursday I thought we should all be reminded
of the preciousness we have in our country...
This is about the beauty of Sonoma County, California, home
of the majestic redwood forests.

once you leave the freeway North of San Francisco to go to the coast road
you will drive through a forest primeval, known as the
Jedediah Smith Redwoods,
the road is only a 2-lane winding road with the forest
growing right up to the edge,
there is no shoulder, you are driving in the area
of the oldest known living specimens on Earth.

this is not the 2-lane road, this is a gravel road within the park for the purists

rhododendrons below the tree tops

everywhere you look, gigantic stands of ferns, what looks to
be tropical plants, & their little yellow friend, the banana slug, 
see on the middle left of leaf 
close up of banana slug at home

ferns growing on walls with little steam

precious waterfall

the Russian River in Sonoma County

Roosevelt Elk in Redwood National Park, at home

view of the Pacific Ocean from Klamath Overlook in RNP

early morning mist over the ocean in RNP

My point in this...we almost lost the last remaining stands of these great
trees from negligent disregard of logging and development.  Along with
the trees, an ecology unlike any other on Earth, home to literally hundreds
of species, the Russian River is spawning ground for salmon and trout, and
then there is the coastline itself. 
Someone just like ourselves took a stand in the 1800's and demanded
the government take control of this area, but there are still stretches
which show the flagrant disregard for re-forestation as it is owned

 Mother Earth needs "mothering" by all of us.

please go to this link for more detailed information
about the RNP & it's history:

  • I didn't get to the vacation part of this little journey,
    or to tell you why the wines of Sonoma are so wonderful...
    that will just have to be another story.