Friday, May 28, 2010

GIVEAWAY & Pink Birthday

Elsa Perreti's Tiffany-Inspired
Sterling Silver
on 17" Sterling Silver Chain

(this piece did not come from Tiffany, it comes from
the same supplier they use in China...guess they
can sell the "retired" designs or overruns)

it is definitely cause for celebration, 
as all of us know, 
when we reach our 100+ follower/friend
this is a dainty & precious little necklace, 
even a pre-teen or teenager could wear it, 
the starfish itself is about 1/2" across.

simple rules:  
all previous followers automatically entered,
if a previous follower leaves a comment
they are entered 2X,
new followers, please leave a comment
and you are entered.

Happy Birthday to Beverly's Pink Saturday Blog

The hostess would be wearing this wonderful silk chiffon swirl of flowers
as she entertained here

we've grown used to always having the British flag flying with our own, you know
Beverly's husband's grandfather was the High Lord Astonberry from
Middlesex, and because he now has the title they did show respect.

The reception desk

Beverly has taken to the British style of landscaping too

and we all walked among the garden pathways where trays of
champagne were passed

it is so beautiful here, but so hideous on one's Louboutin's

FrenchGardenHouse suggested this little plate

Chairs, Carolyn Quartermaine Designs
(well she's a whole other post)

and can you believe Beverly actually had 200 of these chairs for the party
with that pink sheer fabric wafting off the trellis...

Mom-Mom sent Gerard over with plates like this for every lady...
simply beautiful, yes?  Mom-Mom & Chantelle actually spent the entire day
cutting flowers and wrapping them perfectly...
but, you know, it was worth it...the presentation was just perfect!

a little nothing gift

1 huge grand tiered cake took over an entire table of it's own...
it was never cut...

the guests were served these little delicacies

Chantelle's outfit
(excuse the expression on the model's face...she
had apparently realized she couldn't walk in those
beautiful shoes), Chantelle, of course, had no problem

Mom-Mom's divine gown, without the fur or wig

& you know how Chelsea always has to have drama?
but the gown is beautiful isn't it?

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love comments .. it takes time .. but is so appreciated.
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