Tuesday, May 18, 2010

STYLE SISTERS & Diane Von Furstenberg


Naomi Watts in Cannes right now
photographed wearing this fabulous
Diane Von Furstenberg

same outfit on the runway Fall 2010
shown with cardigan
Catherine said, "I Would So Wear This."

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and this wonderful necklace,
it will fit perfectly into the neckline of the dress
and it has fthe copper color Charlotta has used in the room's design.
I love it.

this is the mood board Catherine gave me to work with, so
the copper, blue, green, natural...
is that hanging fixture fabulous?

 Charlotta Ward @ Space for Inspiration


created Catherine's virtual redo this week

So what do you think? 

This dress in That Room?

Now, I mis-coordinated my dates
and promised to contribute to the new

Centerpiece Wednesday
created by the

Style Sisters

(their button at the bottom of this page)

so I'm winging it today and designing my centerpiece virtually as well
something which would fit on Charlotta's designed table for Catherine's room.

think of her table with a center runner down the length,
maybe we find a beautiful copper-colored silk shantung,
then we add multiple mini vases swishing down the length of the table
each one set in a zig-zag way

containers like this below, without those flowers

& we add 1 or 2 stems only to each little vase of
this blue iris
& we stagger the heights of each blossom

and add this green spider mum

both of which echo the peacock feathers Charlotta has used

and this type of candle stick (cleaned wine bottles),
or you could use votives if you didn't need the
height...my tables seem to prefer a votive at each
place setting as well as a little mini vase...
the effect overall is lovely, not at all formal, but
really special.

Many times I've gone to Michael's or some wonderful
wholesale ribbon shop to find  double-faced ribbons the exact color and width
I need for the place-settings...then I buy like 3X the length of the table
a rather wide ribbon, and another color of a slightly narrorer
ribbon, again 3X the length, and twist the ribbons up & down the
center of the table to give a festive & opulent look, the vases &
the candles will hold the ribbon in place. Keeping the ribbon very loose
and not flat adds so much interest to the table itself.  Practice on his
until you achieve the look which pleases you.

Believe me, this is not too feminine.  Everyone notices.
And, I've never seen this anywhere else.
Next time I set the table like this I really will take a pic for you.

Oh, another thing...unless the candles drip on the ribbons, or a
guest spills something on them, they can be rolled up, put in a drawer
for another occasion. 
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