Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Jewelry...

...some of you have asked about our jewelry,
and I thought you might like to see a sample
of the kind advertising we used to do...

our model in this series is Crystal Stewart, who
was Miss Texas at the time of our photo shoot.
we underwrote Crystal & provided her with all
of her jewelry for the pageants, she
 went on to become Miss USA

this was an ad for one of the local high-end boutiques
in Houston which appeared in Paper City Magazine...

we styled this, and my son was the photographer,
there are 5-6 single strands of jewelry...

the 1st strand is made entirely by hand of 14k gold wire
which we make into a tiny chain, interspersed with peridot
rondelles & 14k gold bali beads, the pendant is
  Murano glass purchased during my travels when in Venice.

coming to an Etsy shoppe soon...

I could not make the ad copy any larger (don't know how)...
but I think you will get the idea of the presentation...


  1. Beautiful. You and your son are quite talented!

  2. It is stunning Marsha, what about pricing!! Love, love your pieces.

    Art by Karena

  3. Oh Marsha this is stunning! How exciting to see your beautiful work and your son's fabulous photography all come together!

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend, darling xoxo

  4. Both are you are very talented.
    Good luck to you.


  5. oh my, I am swooned. Need I say more? hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

  6. So elegant. Truly a gorgeous ad. Reminiscent of the fabulous ads found in your inroom local magazines at the nicest hotels. You need a web presence. Either an Etsy shop or a website. We have been begging for a while now...

  7. Fabulous! both the photography, the model and the jewelery.

  8. This is gorgeous! I love the the whole layout and the styling! xoxo

  9. My beautiful M:-)))*

    HOW much I LOVE you work and you style,my amazingly talented Friend!!!

    I sent you email yestarday...but you can also enjoing of my last post!
    Would Love to share it with you,wonderful Lady!!!

    Always with Love,

  10. hey girl, where do you buy your jewelry? So beautiful, as are you.

  11. Wow...big congrats! Those jewelries are gorgeous, the model is so beautiful and the photo is absolutely fantastic!

    I love everything about it!

    Cheers: Evi

  12. Hi Marsha the jewelry and the presentation are both stunning!



  13. Beautiful - as expected...


  14. Marsha,
    This ad is elegante.
    Did your son do the photo's?
    How fabulous. Good luck on the advertisement.

  15. Stunning! Love how the necklace was styled. Great job!

  16. oh I am soooooooooooo crazy about your blog!!! thank you for making a comment in mine and showing the way bck to yours!! this is stunningg! xoxo Nuit

  17. I will include you in my BlogRoll too =D

  18. i love the necklace and all the layers are such a statement!

  19. Gorgeous! Let us know when that Etsy shop is up...

  20. Dearest Marsha,
    My complements on your necklace, the canvas (the stunning Crystal of course!) inwhich you display your art...The quality of the photograph, communicates a certain style and quality. May I suggest that you elaborate your stunning collection with a website, all your own.
    Love, Kirsten


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