Friday, July 30, 2010

Art, Fashion & Wine

can anyone believe it's the first of August?
neither can I...

Most immediately I start thinking about vacation,
then returning, then Christmas shopping, but
I know you do too.  We're girls!  It's the way we are.

Surprise !!
Is this amazing?
German Installation Artist Heike Weber
created this using a Sharpie.
A complete visual delight, an art gallery where even
the floor is ART.

Emily Blunt
 wearing Christian Dior hosiery
in the editorial layout for Elle

takeaway on this:  get ready for Fall & hosiery,
Wolford  profits up 134%  +
gossimer sheers & lace too

for the young, looks from TopShop, but you get the idea...
longer, textured legs, sheers, lace, layered

to learn how to make the lovely crepe paper flowers just follow this link:

 Another surprise...this is a goodie too,
4 O'Clock Chardonnay Wines
produced organically by Spring Seed Wine Company in Australia
priced very very well at $11-16
Is this just FABULOUS LOOKING?  What great hostess or Christmas
gifts or to fill in all the spaces in your wine racks...
available at Whole Foods & other venues
click below to find out more information

They stood like that every morning,
admiring the view while the coffee was brewing on the stove.
Some days, they even waved...

 She fretted momentarily at her extravagance,
after indulging in black boots with little bows down the front ~
boots she didn't need,  but wanted.
Then she saw the bunches of pink roses and picked up an armful,
losing all thoughts of regret in their fragrance.
She must have them, too.
She was in Paris, after all....

I love our Fifi & I know you do too, but these are just so delightful
I wanted to introduce you to the

charming art prints of Shell Sherree on ETSY
love you guys