Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ciao Bella

You, who follow my blog, know I am obsessive about
certain Italian designers, one being

  Looks from their Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

there is nothing as luxurious as these fabrics.

with this key piece you would have a beautiful black dress
which would be wearable forever....

another key piece, shearling jacket,
top the black dress with this piece & suddenly the
sleek sophisticated LBD becomes
I realize it's not Fall/Winter yet...but I really do think this collection
will fly off the racks in the USA. 
Etro is known for their lush printed fabrics,
the mixing & matching of patterns within an outfit.

Their men's shirts are made like no others in the world.

More at the beginning of September when we will do 
a week of fashion looks or how to achieve the "runway
look" without buying the runway.



  1. As always I loove your post and this one is no exception, Wonderful.


  2. Those fabrics are ´´to die for´´,my dear Marsha!-)*
    And oh, unbelievbly stylish,elegant,just awesome!!!


  3. Oh my gosh.
    I let out an audible groan when I saw these photos.

    I hate when summer ends but I love the fall fashions!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh that sweater patterned coat! Swoon! So wish I lived in a place where it was needed.

    Love the tights too!

  5. sweet baby jesus!!! Marsha this is stunning, I LOVE these looks also! ETRO is fab.

  6. These fashions are gorgeous and chic ! Great post! Love it !

  7. Oh, that patterned coat would be so wonderful. It is hard to think of Fall and Winter already as we are baking in the heat! I love the purple and gold outfit too. Fab!

  8. I'm so glad you posted this! I LOVE Etro, and I feel like they get overlooked a lot, thank you so much for all of this lovely! XO!

  9. Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the ground..Gorgeous Shearling!!!!

  10. Oh Marsha, I love Etro. I hadn't seen the campaign pictures, aren't they beautiful? As Rachel Zoe would say "I would D.I.E" I'd love the shearling... xx

  11. I started drooling at the first photo!

    Gorgeous clothes! Definitely ready for fall and all that it brings.

  12. Fantastic collection snapshots. I am in love with the coat in pic 2. Actually the whole look in that picture does it for me.
    Can't wait for your fashion reports. I so need it. The tired mother of two little kids, I am all but fashionable..

    Lots of love.
    xx C

  13. Beautiful collection. There is one dress that stands out for me, it is in the second lot of two smaller photo's - Bronze wrap around dress...just divine!!


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