Sunday, August 1, 2010

Steve Wynn on CNBC or Why We Need To Be Worried

Ladies, we need to be really worried about the USA's government

Subject:  Steve Wynn Takes on Washington

Very amazing that CNBC actually aired this most refreshing interview.

It was not even 2 hours after Steve Wynn's interview that he received a invitation from the tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington , DC wanting him to explain in person why he said what he said!

Below is a short interview with Steve Wynn. Some of you know of him. He's a multi-billionaire, hotel mogul and real estate investor in Las Vegas and Asia . He is almost solely responsible for the revitalization of Las Vegas in the 80's with the building of The Mirage, Treasure Island , The Bellagio, and now Wynn Vegas.

When he started building The Mirage all the local Vegas newspapers were full of articles about how crazy he was for building a hotel with a million-dollar-a-day break even point. A few years later he built Treasure Island next door to The Mirage. There can be no doubt he is one of the top business men in the US today.  Whe he finished The Bellagio he was crowned The King of Las Vegas.

He's been a guest from time to time on all the network financial news programs.

If you listen to this recent CNBC interview (the link is below - short & to the point), you will be better informed than your neighbor about the state of the union.  There is a 30-second commercial prior to the 5-minute interview with Mr. Wynn.  Please take the time to listen...

Additionally, I was completely taken aback to hear that the president appeared on The View last week.  Parisian Farmgirl wrote a post about this absurdity.  OK, he dined with Anna Wintour the night before, tied up 1/2 of NYC's police department to appear at a $30,000 per person fundraising dinner, he stayed about 1 hour they said.  All of the problems our countrymen are facing and these are the frivolous actions he takes?  Sorry, I completely disagree.  But, I have said for over a year now,  the following:

He is a speech maker, not a policy maker.  

Catherine @ The Shiny Pebble blogspot told me a few weeks ago that this kind of subject is too serious for our blogs. 

What do you guys think?  Please let me know because I am really worried sick about what's going on in DC. 

All of them need to be voted OUT in November.