Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Elie Tahari

Max Mara, the ultimate in minimalism, flawless tailoring

Ralph Lauren


Louboutin Sneakers $925 @ Bergdorf Goodman
every designer has a pair of these leopard sneakers,
but I think I'll get mine at DSW...

a bridge somewhere in the Chicago area

tell me, what will your "go to" outfit be for Fall?

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  1. Fur, I love fur... is it bad to love fur?
    Lauren, I love that too!
    Beautiful images of nature... and fur, did I mention I love fur?

  2. Beautiful fall scenes and lovely outfits, if I had a choice for walking about in these beautiful photographs on a crisp fall day with my dog, & my beloved and camera in hand, I would pick the first outfit.

    Which one would you pick Marsha?


  3. Wonderful pictures, and the autumn pics are superb.


  4. Gorgeous selection ! I'm totally and deeply in love with the first two images.. you couldn't have matched them better !!
    My go to outfit for fall.. mmm.. definitely anything from Marni F/W 2011 :)

    Hugs xx

  5. The best season and the best clothes and accessories! Loved this post, the images were all so beautiful!!!

  6. I am SO in love with the first 2 outfits. Fall is my favorite season and can't wait to wear some of my new purchases. Not sure what my "go to" outfit will be but I just bought a very elegant brown leather dress that I think will be quite useful as well as a fabulous Alberta Ferretti "twin set" with lots of beautiful handwork (hard to explain). But I may have to check out the Tahari and Max Mara outfits as well!!

  7. Beautiful! I'm still figuring out the go to fall outfit because it's been so hot here up until now. Today is the fist day it's a bit cooler and I'm wearing black, go figure :) First day for boots and of course I'm wearing my leopard scarf. It's been one of my staples for years and this year is extremely. Not quite sure how I feel about that though. I guess it's a good thing but I don't want it to get over saturated :)

  8. No, it is not bad to love fur...when farm-raised. We certainly cannot love anything like leopard, etc. when hunted in the wild, but USA laws make it impossible to import this anyway.
    I really do believe if one lives in an extremely cold-winter climate there is nothing except fur which will keep you warm. Like Chicago when the winds blow. I used to ski in Colorado with my family & would love to go fur shopping for the ski-area furs. I think Yvonne needs fun in Pennslyvania, don't you?

  9. Dear Marsha, what beautiful autumn pictures. Lovely outfits and those Jimmy Choo fur boots are such fun. Hope you're having a great day xx

  10. Looking for some fur boots and I think I'll wear the Leopard scarf I just bought and the Leopard hat and gloves Renee sent me.

  11. Max Mara - I love you..

    The fall pictures are just wonderful.

  12. That 1st image is incredible! As is the silver dress with the mile high black boots!! Love how you matched nature's design with man's :)



  13. The first photograph is beautiful Marsha, oh and Max Mara and then Ralph. I love that he's put together silk-chiffon pattern with warm Winter weights. Now - that's what I'm going to do, tho' it won't be Ralph's alas!


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