Thursday, September 2, 2010

South of the border with Freda et al

Oscar de la Renta
note accessory colors
& chair seat

Farragamo Outfit,
Balenciaga Shoes

I love this outfit & would wear it, adding hosiery.
Love the blouse color with the shoes...looks new.

Dolce & Gabbana gown.
isn't it amazing how this flower print looks
absolutely right for Fall, accompanied
with the fur piece?
 all laden with shades & tones of green.
 photos from Vogue Mexico this month evoking
famous Mexican women.

Does anyone remember Claudine Longet, the singer
you are hearing?  My 1st husband loved all of
Antonio Carlos Jobim's music, expecially when
played at super-sonic levels & I've just found this piece,
which I love as well.

To all of my new followers/friends:


& welcome to my world which can be a
little silly,  sometimes elegant,  but most often entertaining.
Never ever boring...except when I try to give you a recipe for
my specialty of the house, a baked potato. :)

I believe in fun, whimsy, wit, style, friendships forever,
fashion, great movies, wonderful conversations, giving great dinner parties,
travelling & reading everything from the Wall Street Journal to
trashy novels.  In fact,  I'm working on a trashy novel about my life.


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