Sunday, September 5, 2010

My husband, our poodle, our home, our life

this is my precious husband, Ned, along with
FiFi, our poodle, who is sitting on the pillow,
in our family room.
me, with my daughter's 2 Labradors in the same room

back garden, rolling down to a little creek which ran across the
entire back property line, the 3 pedestals belonged to one
of my girlfriends who passed away - her sons gave them to me.

our living room had 34' ceilings, making it possible for me to have
a Christmas tree 25' high.
by request, a photo of part of my closet.
it had been a tiny unused bedroom, I had it built to
exact specifications so all my skirts & pants would not touch the floor,
special a/c for my fur area, the counter doors open to reveal individual
drawers for my jewelry.  my husband's adult children who think I spent
 his money didn't understand that I already owned all this stuff
when I married him, making it necessary to build my own closet
(because he occupied the entire master bedroom closet already).
bit of humor, almost.
& remember, I worked at Sak's 5th Avenue.

me, when I first met Ned in 1998, we
were married 1 year later (he took himself
out of this pic because he didn't like it)

me, on the streets in Cannes, on our honeymoon

Ned & I on the far right, Mari & her husband, & Marti in the middle.
Mari & Marti, my 2 best friends in the world.
All 5 of us together arriving at a Christmas party.

My 3 friends on the left are all deceased.
My husband is in the final stages of Alzheimer's.
I am the only one left.

 This has been a life-altering &
life-shattering series of events for me. 

The happiness I had was brilliant, the love for my
friends & husband will never be replaced. 

But,  it is time to move on with my life, which I've
had on hold for the past 4 years.
All of my blogging friends have made me realize how important
it is to look upward & outward. 
I am smiling, and I am content.

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