Monday, September 27, 2010

A Very Important Date

invitation to a cocktail party,
honoring the committee for the annual gala
of one of the performing or visual arts
of the community ...

a city anywhere in the United States.
this is a hypothetical party
& our best friend's daughter & her up-&-coming husband
have been invited...the daughter will be asked to work on one of
the committees for the upcoming gala...

so what she wears to this event is hugely important to her,
as she wants to make the correct impression.
the event will be held on a
Thursday evening in a beautiful home.


These are the kinds of ladies who will be in attendance.
so away we went to choose something for daughter dear,
who, btw,  is tall & looks like a beautiful All-American girl,
about 35-42 years of age

& believe me we had many choices, all wonderful outfits,
mommy is buying so money is no object...
very young, very safe, shoes are edgy but edgy is not the right image
for this party...cultured, intelligent & elegant are what we are seeking
for this party.

Burberry Prorsum

so sweet & perfect, however, the dress is the dress
is the other words, no matter what she does with
accessories this dress will always be the same.

& finally
Yves Saint Laurent

 beautiful sophisticated jumpsuit with a fur-trimmed vest
an entry-making outfit

close-up of vest
 vest can be worn with everything from jeans to satin...


the jumpsuit once the vest is removed,
sleek & sophisticated,
fashionable, you can wear 100 times & it never looks the same
depending on accessories...
for the cocktail party we love the long dangling gold chain with pendant

the gloves are different in this pic, we like the simple ones,
maybe fingerless if we could find the perfect pair ...
my girlfriend & I both know from years of experience that volunteering
for work on charity events is the fastest way to make friends in high
places...this is not social is net-working.

for professional women, in any field, this is one of the most enjoyable
ways to be introduced to community leaders and to become part
of this echelon...
in fact, without doing this in today's world, I think it would be nearly
impossible to meet and befriend so many lovely people. all of my life
I have enjoyed  my work on various committees, rising to the chairmanship
of many events, and have  made friendships which have lasted a lifetime. 

not only did I do some good for the charities, we had tons of fun & 
I made friends & contacts I might have missed otherwise.

therefore, I think the clothes are a really good investment.


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