Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Images of Texas

Beautiful Texas Hill Country

 Willie Nelson's Luckenbach, Texas

 River Walk in San Antonio

 Austin City Limits, one of the top 10 live music venues
in the USA

University of Texas Longhorn Football Stadium
filled to over-capacity of 95,000 every game

photos of the new W Hotel & Condominiums
in Austin, where my daughter is now working,
situated on the grounds of Austin City Limits,
surrounded by trendy boutiques and fabulous
sidewalk cafes.

 My daughter, Vanessa, & her nephew, my grandson, Sheriff

from Country Living

We are already planning our menu for
Thanksgiving, definitely cornbreak stuffing.
Blessings to all of my readers as we
prepare to give thanks for the bounty we all
share in our beautiful country, from sea to
shining sea.


  1. Wow! When can I go? I hear that Austin is one of the top places to live for young, single people. Maybe I should take a trip? Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo

  2. It´s a beautiful touching,you post,dearest Marsha!

    How nice is all these images of Texas...I can easy to imagine how fabulous is the life there!!!

    And you daughter Vanessa with this precious little boy is SO beautiful yong lady;-)*And I see that she like at you!

    My warm hugs and Love to you,

  3. Kori, you're right about Austin! Capitol of Texas + huge business centers for many companies, wonderful low-key casual restaurants, great nightlife & it's in the Hill Country of Texas, but only 2.5 hours from Houston by car.

  4. What an adorable picture of your daughter and grandson!

  5. Marsha, Are you sure you don't work for the tourist bureau? All of these images are beautiful. I love San Antonio and the "hill country". I visited last year in February.
    Your grandson is adorable and his name, Sheriff, is such a GREAT name!
    Sending love your way!

  6. Beautiful daughter & grandson. The hill country is lovely this time of year.
    Hook em horns!

  7. I love the beautiful hill country of Texas too. Your daughter and nephew are beautiful. I hope you all have the sweetest Thanksgiving ever!

  8. The photos of the hils are beautiful. I was in San Marco one when I was in High school. Austin has really changed. My Mom and I did that boat trip in San Antonio, that is a pretty town. my Husband and friend started SPUDNUTS in Austin..
    Miss the longhorns. Your Daughter looks just as pretty as you and such a sweet child. I better plan the Thanksgiving dinner too.

  9. Thank you for this great virtual vacation. I've always wanted to visit Texas, in depth, have only spent a couple of days there.

  10. So gorgeous! You know I lived in Dallas for awhile? Don't mess with Texas! XX!

  11. Dear Marsha, that chicken is making me hungry! I didn't realise how lovely the countryside is in Texas! xx

  12. Oh! Wonderful picture of your daughter and little nephew!

  13. Marsha, I was looking for a particular old post on your blogs and came across this post for Texas Hill Country. I love it there, know you spend a lot of time there. One of my favorite places is Luckenbach, discovered my one and only favorite beer there, Shiner Boch! It is now available here in So. Cal. and is my husband's fave. I have taken a few friends to Luckenbach, great 'shock' value and then they loved it!. My first time there I found 'tapes' of a childhood friend and a Nashville singer/songwriter, Chris Wall. (Yes, I was a long time ago!) I knew he had really made it if he was selling in Luckenbach! Love the animals on the drive in.
    xoxo, Chris


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