Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantasy in White

New Year's Eve,
always a time spent with best friends, fine dining,
symphonic music, huge balloons covering the entire ceiling,
with twirling ribbons hanging down to touch our shoulders,
the best crystal for serving the best vintages.
Taking that thought just a bit farther afield I am imagining an
evening in the snow-covered mountains, where fireplaces are
glowing with warmth and everyone needs a lap blanket.

imagine the ladies wearing gowns similar to this
Alberta Ferretti piece?

& as the guests arrive they see bowls of beautiful low & lush
white flowers everywhere

I am so partial to hydrangea, orchids & tulips,
of a monochromatic color scheme, just masses
all in different containers...

& when you were taken to the dining table,
this is what greeted you...

I'm working as fast as I can to make this happen somewhere
other than in my new home, which is still in a sad state of

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Happy New Year Everyone