Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PRE-FALL, Why Do We Care ?

Alright, alright, it's still WINTER & before Spring
we're seeing "Pre-Fall"... 
& why do we care ?

How about trending?
How about deciding what's good to buy now
& will translate into Fall, giving us more bang for our buck,
so to speak.

I'm seeing
Refined & Lady-Like
Longer Lengths
Covered Legs
ALL carryintg forward into Fall/Winter 2011

I don't think any of us really, actually makes it a habit to toss our entire wardrobe with the change of design season.  But, I do think most of us want to look current even if we don't embrace
platforms with 6" heels. 
Just a few elements added to what we have invested in previously. 

So, here's what Lanvin, Valentino & Louis Vuitton (Marc Jacobs)
are telling us will happen:

all Lanvin
more refined  & classy, big jewelry still excellent,
sweaters over long silk skirts, the casual with the elegant,
lady-like day dressing with TONS of jewelry,
silk blouses with big floppy bows

below Valentino

Big Shouldered Leather Jacket
Lace Pants
Non-Platform Shoes

Sheer Chiffon, Bows, Jewelry
below Louis Vuitton

 colors, longer lengths, stockings,
NOTE the earring ladies

lace overlay, longer jacket lengths
so so so pretty

 Please stop in on my PAGE 2
which shows our jewelry for sale.

 Love, Marsha