Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

on the Amalfi Coast
Sorrento, Italy

here, the perfect little lunch spot,
or espresso or an aperitif...

a tiny trattoria perched high above the Mediterranean Sea
...the bluest, most peaceful water beckons.
have you ever wondered what it is about being near
the water that actually calls to all of us?
I have. and I still don't know.
I don't want to be IN the water, just around
the water.

a glimpse of the roadway

walking through a little tunnel/underpass in the town,
up ahead the constant sea...
across the way there is Vesuvius,
(where my son & friends climbed early early one morning
before all the tour buses arrived)
imagine living in this splendid villa overlooking the sea,
friendly faces & voices surround you while you're
doing the day's errands.  Total bliss.
Everyone there knows everyone else, and they all seem
so happy, so helpful, so full of friendliness & caring; the
embodiment of the Italian people's generous & outgoing nature.

a cloister garden

the churches are everywhere, and you hear the bells ringing throughout
the day...it is the warmest feeling as it is then that we really realize
how connected we are...it doesn't matter if you are Catholic...
just go in & breathe the sanctuary air,
it rejuvenates your spirit, I promise.

 Sorrento peninsula

a view from the hills behind Sorrento, gazing back to the sea

just one of the beautiful yachts carrying passengers throughout the
Mediterranean, ports of call being Portofino, Sorrento, Positano

the typical architecture of Sorrento & environs,
beautiful soft colors, greenest gardens and the blue of the sea
is what makes me love this place so much.  I haven't found
one spot I haven't loved, or met one person who wasn't lovely.

 photos taken from hotel way up above

 the main square, Piazza Tasso

there is shopping for everything Italian and wonderful, beautiful linens, hand-tailored Italian suits
for the men, beautiful shoes, Italian pottery & china, and the fresh garden vegetables & fruits
that are so plentiful to the region.  it is impossible to be bored, there is life everywhere, music
everywhere and some of the most beautiful products I've ever seen or experienced...and then there is the limoncello...

Bellevue Syrene Hotel
where we always stay if we don't have a large group of
family or friends with us.  I love the place because there is
a view to the sea from everywhere, and this is why I come
to Sorrento.  it is also right in the center of town and we can
walk anywhere easily.  Once in Sorrento, where you will be high
on top of the cliffs, walking is easy as it is mostly flat...nothing at
all like Positano, which is built cascading down the mountainside,
and where one needs to almost be a mountain goat to be
comfortable. I'm serious.

In Sorrento, on the main shopping street, off the Piazza Tasso is
the most amazing cozy and rowdy bar called Chaplin's Pub. It's
air conditioned, which makes it a singular destination at times.
Owners Luigi & Maria & their 2 darling daughters are always
there, a place an English-speaking person needs to go to catch
up with other English-speaking persons. I mean it...every
Brit, Welchman, Scot, Irishman, Canadian or American in
Sorrento can be found at some point at Chaplin's. A
place not to be missed.

like diamonds on velvet, evening in Sorrento...
peaceful, beautiful, charming and spectacular
all at the same time....



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