Friday, June 3, 2011

Calling All Artists/Designers - Opinions Needed

One of my un-named famous friends is trying out
a very creative artistic person anyway...
this is UNFINISHED, a wooden bowl with color added,
like an enamel sheen...the finished product would be
much more subtle & with all the wood grain showing.

do you think the finished products would sell?

almost any color can be done,
all natural wood from Texas,
made by a Texan...

imagine these in various shapes, big trays, small bowls, etc.
in blacks, browns, aquas...
I know you get it...

let me know your thoughts, please...

don't be afraid to tell us you don't like it,
we need to know...
& thank you !!


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  1. Price point? Gorgeous. I'd consider buying one...just one consumer...if they are well priced, I think that they would make wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of art. I wonder if your friend is familiar with the Arrowmont School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They have some fabulous summer workshops on woodturning that your friend might enjoy checking on. I attended a pottery workshop was a wonderful experience. Cherry Kay

  2. Dear Marsha,
    I have many friends who are artists in varying fields and, I am always impressed with the skill of wood-turning but, can never get over excited about it.......however, I think that this finish gives it a new lease of life and adds another dimension to it. I think that they would sell really well.
    Hope my humble opinion helps a little !! XXXX

  3. Beautiful work! I love the use of color on the wood. Typically wood crafters finish their work with natural tones. This would definately sell since it is different! Best of luck to your friend. ~Val

  4. I love the bowl but am not mad about the colours...I think a lot of people would like it though!!

  5. Of course, it would sell. It's the shape which makes this bowl so special and so sellable.

  6. I also like the bowl's shape, but not the blue. This could be a very versatile piece at home, as well as a nice gift.

  7. Nice work and different colors will appeal to different people. He should check with his state tourism authority, also his local government; both will, usually, be supportive of arts and crafts. Perhaps there's a tourism authority where he can show and sell his work. Around here, there are several places that promote arts and crafts, some juried and some not.

  8. Hi Marsha,

    My name is Rory Curtis and I am the National Director for a company that manufactures woodturning tools called Easy Wood Tools. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see woodturning mentioned on your blog. My job involves traveling around the country to woodworking shows and I often see some of the world best projects. One of the latest trends is the use of alcohol based wood dyes to create magnificent colors without losing the beauty of the wood grain. I think your friend is on the right track. Tell your friend that there are 3 things that will make this product sell. One is that it must be of outstanding quality. There are a lot of woodturners out there competing in this market so the quality must be first rate. Two is it that it must have some "wow" factor. Color helps with that a lot. 3rd is price point. There a ton of woodworkers asking huge sums of money for their work, but only a few pieces actually sell for huge sums.

    I am always willing to help people new to woodturning. If your friend has any further questions I can be emailed at

    Good Luck!


  9. Please know just how VALUABLE your comments are, especially on this post as it concerns someone's work. Many thanks. Marsha

  10. I like it and the red's great but not the blue xx


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