Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Calming Spaces....

really love great huge rooms with high ceilings...

these offer a very peaceful palette don't they?

love the cluster of mercury balls

and the scale of this room is perfection
it's large but doesn't seem too large,
and those palladium arches ...
swoon worthy...
not sure I would have used 2 small tables...
what do you think?

& orchids...
they are simply the best price for any flowers because
they last so long
(with misting 2X a day)
& make such a dramatic statement...

table scape from honey we're home/pinterest


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  1. Beautiful art and high ceilings make any room spectacular. I'm with you on the two tables in front of the sofa. It looks off balance to my eye.

  2. Beautiful, tranquil rooms. I have to agree about those 2 small tables. They seem a little out of place. The built in book loft in the archway is fabulous! ~Val

  3. Marsha, What a great way to start the day. These rooms are so gorgeous!! Love everything about them...perfect spaces.

  4. A BIG THANK you for picking up J'Adore NY on your Kindle! So happy you are enjoying it. If you have the time, please leave the same note on Amazon reviews, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Warmest Wishes,

    Isabell XXXOO

  5. Marsha...these images are superb...as are your two new outfits in your previous post....xv

  6. What beautiful & tranquil rooms very inspiring

  7. All beautiful!! I don't mind the two small tables but I think I would have preferred two larger chairs!!

  8. oh Marsha you nailed it! it's perfection! specially the first image where modern elements coexist in harmony with such deep traditional pieces and make the place into one unique piece of awesomeness. The color palette is so enchanting and rich! {one of your finest posts, besides the one about Pierce Brosnan of course, that was insanely good} luv ya!!!!

  9. These are lovely spaces! I like the balance it's got. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  10. Oh Marsha,
    What a beautiful post!!! Oh you made my day!!

  11. Agree with you the tables are too small something larger is needed.

    I always have white orchids in the house, have just been given a lemon one and the flowers don't last just fade & drop off!! This has never happened to me before,a friend suggested the colour lemon never lasts long in flowers,not sure whether this is true,has anyone else experienced this? Ida

  12. I do love high ceilings, they just give more space and air to 'breathe'!
    Could not live in small rooms.
    Love the second image!

  13. Hello Dear,

    Here I am back again, and already leaving next week. Paris was wonderful as always!!! Make sure to stop by for more amazing pictures!

    I agree with you, I do not like the 2 little table but I fell in love with this two table lamps!!




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