Saturday, June 11, 2011

Karl's Inspiration....Empress Theodora & Chanel Jewelry

I have just read that Karl Lagerfeld teamed up
with Chanel's International Make-Up and Hair Directors,
and came up with this dazzling campaign, featuring
model Alejandra Alonso

reminiscent of Byzantine Empress Theodora

of course, I love all the opulent jewelry
he featured.

so get ready for this major trend...opulence





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  1. Gorgeous...

    In my world, Karl Lagerfeld is a genius ♥

  2. Oh how stunning Marsha. It all has a look of the Czar's about it. Such a rich and opulent look. XXXX

  3. Oh my, what beauty here today! You always share the finest things with us and you really know how to make your post pop! I appreciate your sense of the fine things in life. Anne

  4. A mix between Russian and Cleopatra.
    Certainly luxurious... and beautiful.

  5. I just saw these images in Vogue yesterday...just stunning! I'd love to blow them up and frame them for my office!
    --Lee Ann


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