Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Days You Read...

Some Days you Post....

before I launch into my observations of today, 
just completed this piece,

a multi-strand necklace, made entirely by hand,
even the chains.
faceted turquoise & iolite (the dark blue stone)
with Swarovski crystals on sterling silver.

Sometimes my Google Reader gets so backed up with unread blog posts
from all of the wonderful people I follow...I must put everything aside and simply 
read them and respond to as many as possible.

I know we all face this.  
I feel it's a responsibility.
And, it's a pleasure too.

I've recently observed there are many young ladies who ONLY
post photographs of themselves wearing various assortments of apparel.
Now, someone please tell me, how could this be interesting to anyone else?
I mean it.

Also, The Sartorialist.  
Granted, when he began his "street style" snaps he must have filled 
some kind of void for the media, as he's been wildly successful with this.  
Frankly, I don't get it !
I am immediately bored with photographs of unknown folks going about
their usual day-to-day activities.  
Unless, there is a sharp-dressed gentleman in this milieu, I mean
(forgive me,  Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is my 2nd cousin, this is his line).

And, today I have enough to worry about:
Did George Clooney really break-up with Elizabetta?
Is Casey Anthony guilty?
Is Newt Gingrich going to get his act together?
How am I going to get my as-yet-unwritten trashy novel published?
& other epic stuff.

I simply do not care about these empty vapid blog posts.
And, have you ever tried to "unfollow" someone who is in your
Google Reader?  Impossible.  So, these little girl blogs still show up.
Sorry, if I'm offending some of you, my friends, this is the real me talking here.

Now, I do love The Realestalker.
He talks trash about everyone famous buying or selling a home.
I mean, does Jennifer Anniston have enough talent to be able to
own many homes all over the place, and to put a $45 Million
price tag on her place in L.A.?  And, then to go out and buy
not 1, not 2, but 3 apartments in the same building in NYC for
multi-millions more + add the price of redoing and joining all 3 of these.
I know, I know...she's a movie star.  
But what does this say about the way we compensate people?

Do you think any of our Navy Seals (or anyone in the military)
get paid enough to do the jobs they do?   NO!

Now, I'm drifting...

It rained in Texas last night.  
We have been suffering a drought of biblical proportions and I am thankful for 
our livestock's good fortune today.  
My flowers are dancing, happily.

 I will leave you with this image below,
just because it's so beautiful.




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