Tuesday, July 26, 2011


coming from Sunset Magazine, this lovely story of complete
transformation of a family's backyard in San Jose, California.
a teen landscape design student, with a bit of professional help
and assistance from her siblings, took the dismal small space,
which you see below....

a local landscaper designer drew the plans...
the kids jackhammered the concrete slab out completely ...
they found an artisan who could do masonry,

and below are a couple of images of the AFTER...

 the daughter who inspired all this is now a student
at Cal Tech going for her landscape degree,
she worked as an intern for
Sunset Magazine
last summer.

are you as impressed with this as I?

totally unrelated....

after all that work this is where you would want to be, isn't it?

a Corona or a nice Pinot Grigio...

ahhhhh, life is good....


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  1. Oh...I am realy empressed,dear Marsha!!!

    Creative,smart mind and pair professional hands making a wonders:-)))*
    It's true!
    Oh la la...Pinot Grigio!
    Life celebration:-)*

    Always yours,XXX ***Violetta***

  2. Wow .. I love creating gardens.. its such a challenge .. although I find the upkeep more tedious xx

  3. Oh, Marsha I am in awe of the AFTER... GOODNESS, it's magnificent, a place to live and to have for ever, just gorgeous! I have a daughter who is a landscaper too! I think it's a career I would've love to learn...next like! Thanks for sharing this beauty. Lots of hugs, FABBY

  4. is that really the same place!? I am in shock, the transformation is unreal!!! hey a corona sounds just right ;) xoxo

  5. I love my garden, but it's so cold here at the moment that I'm not easily motivated to venture out there.
    Today however I have been given inspiration by you Marsha to 'get on with it'!
    bee x

  6. It's my favourite kind of garden: where plants just tumble everywhere in a rampant, verdant green lusciousness! Gorgeous.

  7. Life is not necessarily good but it can be... you are right. We have to make the most of it. Love this transformation.

  8. Quite amazing!

    Really show us the power of determination and hard work.

  9. WOW to the entire post. The transformation of the garden is amazing and inspirational - but that bed......it's calling me.

  10. How lovely! The transformation was fabulous! And of course, a bed would look amazing. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. Wow, what a difference!
    It look awesome!


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