Monday, July 18, 2011

Just A Touch of Oriental...

beautiful fashion layout 
from Elle Sweden, July 2011

please notice the appliques of the flowers...pretty awesome

sorry, ladies, don't know the designer of the apparel,
but I would love to,
the styling definitely appeals to me.

we had a huge gem show exhibition here in Houston
over the weekend.  one of my girlfriends went with me
(her 1st time), and to say the least, it is overwhelming by it's
sheer size.

I am so happy to report that this time there was some new
merchandise, beads, stringing materials, wire, gold & silver "findings"
(the little elements we use to make everything hook together).

 I found some beautiful gorgeous
large millimeter stones in Amazonite (a blue-gray),
a deep purple like Amethyst and a dusty pink dyed Jasper with gray flecks.

All for Fall & Evening coming up.

Of course, my girlfriend left the show with about 50 lbs of
beads she couldn't live without; now we'll have to find a 
way to make something for her.  :)'s

So, it was a good weekend.


Happy Monday



  1. I agree with you Marsha...beautiful favourite is the first image, I'd love to know the designer :)
    Have a great week...don't forget to post a picture of the design you make for your friend!

  2. Stunning .. I am with you the styling is lovely and the colours are delicious... it is a reason that when I was working in a city that I often would buy International fashion magazines.. as I loved the different takes on styling xx

  3. Morning Marsha! This is one of my favourite posts ever. I just love all the detail in the photos apart from the gorgeous outfits. They will be going into my special "Splenderosa Inspiration Board" How about the applique on that skirt? The time it must have taken! It is soooo stunning...Looking forward to your new creations with your finds at the show. My all time favourite was that necklace that you made with the blue and brown stones...

    Love from CT

  4. How fabulous to be able to look that glamorous. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend.

  5. Your images are always so dreamy!! The show sounds like fun and I love amazonite, such a pretty color. Cant' wait to see/hear more!

  6. Dear Marsha,
    A wonderful photo shoot and, I love the dress with all of the flowers on it.
    If you go over to Dustjacket Attic... ... she has just done a post on this shoot and has all of the details.
    Good to hear that you had a successful time at the gem show. Your friend sounds like a girl after my own heart !!!! XXXX

  7. beautiful and inspiring fashions..the photography is stunning..
    have fun with all your new beads..
    will be fun to see what new and beautiful designs you come up with..

  8. Marsha, so glad to hear about your successful weekend. We can't wait to see what new jewelry you create with the new items you found! Happy Monday! Angela and Renee

  9. Oh, the Jewelry Show--how much fun is that, and I don't even make my own jewelry (wish I did though!) I spent way too much money last time I went, but it sure was fun!!!

  10. WOW,this editorial is absolutely amazing!!!Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!


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