Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mon Dieu!

Don't think just because I was in the hill country of Texas for a few days
that I didn't pay attention to what's happening around the world.

On the contrary, we Texans have opinions on everything, sometimes even
when we don't know what we're talking about.

Nevermind that.

Didn't I tell you Dominique Strauss-Kahn was unjustly charged by the brilliance of the NYPD
& dragged through the mud by our media?  
I mean, tell me what man would have lunch with his daughter, go back to his hotel
and grab his bags to take a cab to Kennedy airport for a flight to Paris and then on
to Brussels...but ALL he had on his mind was sex with a housekeeper?

The Casey Anthony trial.  I didn't see one bit of evidence to prove that woman
killed her child.  I think the entire Anthony family, especially that George, are delusional misfits.
I actually BELIEVE what Jose Baez said happened.

President Obama has spent more $$ in 28 months than George W. spent in
his entire presidency. Even considering W had to deal with 9/11, Hurricane Katrina,
Afghanistan, & Iraq.    And what has Mr. O accomplished?   Nothing good.  Oh, but
wait...he caused the NEW obligatory insurance program to happen.

And, last, but certainly not least...we hop over to Paris for Couture week.

@ Dior
The house's first show sans creative director John Galliano was predictably, a bit uneven. 
The supreme confidence and polish 
(more like a few layers of lacquer)
 that governed Galliano's aesthetic at Dior 
will naturally be 
rethought, reworked, and reinterpreted by whoever comes next.

 For the moment, the much-liked Bill Gaytten 
has taken the creative reins at both Dior and John Galliano.

 The master's longtime protegĂ©e is no Sarah Burton—
he is more prone to a sassy shake-up than a quiet, thoughtful evolution.
 Which is all well and good—if the clothes look sublime.
They didn't !
The first thought: Eighties! 
(Pastels, the black and white, the general boxiness.) 

The next: Architecture!  (Not of the Costa variety, unfortunately.)

 While some of the quote-unquote day pieces may sell,  
will the Dior couture client signing up for those ruffled, micropleated evening looks? 

I actually wish the house had accepted John Galliano's apology and
asked him to go to therapy for his problems.  He is a genius and our genius's
sometimes go off their rocker for awhile, especially when driven so hard by
the bottom line of a corporation.

And, Georgio Armani's show was hideous as well.

OK, the rant is finished for this week.
And, the good news...

As my daughter & I were driving back to Houston 
we saw a truly amazing sight...
just about 300 yards from I 10, only 50 miles
outside of Houston, we saw these guys happily grazing in
someone's beautiful pasture.
An entire family of Elk.




  1. Ditto!!!! We miss George W! Have a beautiful day!

  2. I agree - thought Dior was unfortunate. However, did you see Giambattista Valli - now there was a magnificent show!! Just gorgeous couture!! I don't think I've ever seen an elk in real life!! Amazing!

  3. OMG! gorgeous animals those Elks! that must have been somethin' to see!!!!!!!

    In regards to the shows, I was just looking at the entire collection (since i read your post and got really curious) and you are so right, not good =( they are going to have to find a new path now, and they'd better find it pronto. luv xoxo

  4. I agree re Galliano.

    I'd love to have seen a family of elks xx

  5. I agree re Galliano.

    I'd love to see a family of elks xx


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