Friday, August 5, 2011

CRISIS, has anyone noticed?

or do we just keep blogging?

Floor of the NYSE day before yesterday,
the market down 500+ points on one day,
all profits for 2011 erased in the last
10 trading days....

we have a lovely blog friend who made a brilliant post on this

& if you really want to know the true story

I am not looking for congrats on posting this, or tons of comments,
I think most of us are complacent or we think
"we can't do anything about it"
but, that is SO wrong.


we have a bunch of buffoons running DC,
people who know nothing of economics
holding our country hostage on the center stage of the world.

obama will go down in history as the1st American president
to allow our S&P ratings to fall.  
He does not have a clue what to do, he is surrounded by teachers, one with any experience in corporate leadership, no one
who will rock the boat.  

Where is HIS plan for jobs?  
1 in 5 of us is unemployed.
This is America, not some 3rd world country.

Suggestion:  Any of you who are as concerned as I am...
please volunteer for "anyone else" who will be running for
President next year.

& now on to my regularly scheduled post
for your pinkness on Saturday....

 I could even see a room like this working,
especially in the lovely light of early evening

we will be seeing a whole lot more of this look,
fashion's new prettiness, as well as the beautiful influence of
Kate Middleton,  the Duchess of Cambridge.
hair ornaments from a simple flower pinned in, a bountiful headband,
feathers, ribbons, perhaps even the return of hats to the American scene.

& this is what I see a whole lot of...
the beautiful Texas sky above the majestic Longhorns

happy weekend everyone

please join Beverly & all the others over at
How Sweet the Sound
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  1. Marsha, your photos are breathtaking today... each very different, yet sharing their pinkness! I'm happy about the flowers & feathers in the hair; I wish I was 25 years younger so I could get away with wearing some! Happy Pink Saturday

  2. You always have the most beautiful pictures!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Oh Marsha gorgeous .. and I adore that last photo so much.. xx

  4. I was in the pink today! beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter. have a lovely w/end Marsha xxx

  5. Pink makes me so happy and whether its seeing a pink room, gorgeous flowers in the air or that magnificent almost too beautiful to be true pink Texas sunset, there is no doubt its a feel good uplifting beautiful color!

  6. Beautiful post! Makes me miss Texas... ummmm road trip perhaps in the fall???

  7. What a beautiful post Marsha...most beautiful of all is the music, so haunting XX

  8. Very beautiful Texas skies, my dear!

    I love it when hair flowers are worn, and not just for a wedding. Why not?

  9. All the pictures are great. I especially like the girl with the flower in her hair.

  10. Really love those pink images! So so pretty!

    P.S. I will go check that link in a little bit. I haven't watched the news in a few days...

  11. I'd like to paint the long horns, do ya mind.
    I went to that post and made a comment.

    Maybe 80 % of Americans have their heads up their ass. They just want others to do what ever. Just an
    I don't give a damn attitude.
    Talk to the young - I see Blank
    looks. Hello America, wake up.

  12. I agree with your post 100%, it is shameful what the politicians have done to our economy, it is shameful that both parties allowed the debt crisis to drag on and on for their own political gain, and it is even more shameful that they left for five weeks of vacation and left 75000 people's life's hanging that work for the FAA and it 's projects. These are serious issues.

    We need to stand up for ourselves because it is increasingly obvious that no one has our backs in D.C.

    Thank you for having the gumption to say this on your blog.

    Love the pink

  13. Dear Marsha,
    We are taken aback by the song and message field and of Gold. This is a time we to pray for all who are effecting and will soon be there to effect!


    Renee and Angela

  14. AMEN TO THAT!!!!!! It is sinful and uncosciounable with what has happened!!!! He will wear this "blood" on his shirt forver, his legacy will be letting our country get to this point, and how about those poor 30 navy seals who died yesterday killed by the Taliban??? What a tragedy, worst day since the war began. AND IF HE CAN PULLED OUT AND ENDED THIS WHEN HE SAID HE WOULD JUST TO GET ELECTED THIS 30 AMAZING MEN WOULD NOT HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES.
    It is a disgrace of epic proportions on every level.
    AND LET US NOW FORGET CONGRESS STILL FELT THEY DESERVED TO TAKE THEIR MONTH VACATION OFF!!!!!!!!! This is obviously a very hot button topic for me. I AM DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Excellent post Marsha.

    Unfortunately it is a topic that most people would prefer to ignore because it takes them out of their comfort zone... or they have just not yet connected the dots to understand the goals of the worst leader this country has ever encountered. Obama's disdain for our country is obvious with every calculated move he makes to further reduce our country into a desperate nation. We cannot get him out fast enough before we reach the point of no return.

  16. What gets me is that the politicians are either blaming someone else or bragging that they are right. Some of the bums got thrown out last time and look where we are now. Makes me want to move out of the country again and this time never return like Charlie on the MTA.

  17. Obama will go down as one of our worst presidents! I am scared to look at my financial stuff.


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