Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something New.....

Donna Karan's 2 pieces below...
the 1st is in every September editorial I've seen.

she called the collection 
"Pearls of Wisdom"
so major pearls again, ladybugs...

 do you just LOVE this feminine dressing, like it's really dressing again,
you know, with gloves, hosiery, jewelry, everything !!

Elie Saab, venturing into day wear with a gray very
similar to the Donna Karan pieces.

I was at Talbot's today with my girlfriend who is one of
their managers...this beautiful Lanvin floral silk print has already
been knocked off by the store into a blouse.  
All the September issues have shown these outfits.

major trend, hair ornaments
even if they are small

sorry I've been  MIA, my friends,
work has beckoned once again
& when I feel creative I am totally committed.

But, some new, really cool, not expensive items,
debuting soon...

And now, something very serious.
Our country.
We have a "bought" bunch of politicians.
Money needs to get out of politics.
Most of you know I feel Dylan Ratigan, who has
his own 1 hour TV show each weekday @3pm central time on MSNBC,
is the ONLY voice of sanity on this issue.
He is having a constitutional amendment drafted which would eliminate money
for all sources going to the coffers of politicians.
Please look up Dylan on the web, facebook, twitter,,
& turn in to his program if you can.
His goal (& I'm with him) is to have 100,000,000 citizens sign on to this
amendment on the web.
It's our country, let's take it back before it's too late.

I know I'm not supposed to bring up controversial issues on my blog,
however, I don't think this is controversial.  All of us know the time has come
to make our voices heard and put an end to the near-criminal acts perpetuated against
all of us.

How's your dollar today?

International readers, please pardon me while I speak to my fellow Americans.