Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unfinished or Not ?

lovely pic of Anuska from My Face Hunter

styled to the max for Fall

but, me the look is unfinished...

do you think I'm thinking the  "old"  way?

even though thinking "old" would be a curse, I couldn't bear it...

for Anuska, the sleek, polished look is only one step away...

by adding stockings, 
hosiery of some new type with a little tiny pattern,
or even over-the-knee socks, 
sheer or opaque,

filling the gap between hem & bootie.

then it is finished.

isn't that a nice word?
do you think that's what is meant by 
"finishing" school?
or the wine has a nice "finish"

new jewelry just posted 
on Page 2
which you will find by clicking just under my header


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