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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What I Love Now.....

fall perfection...

big sweater, long skirt, little vest, Chanel bag
Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor Marie Claire

below, the perfect jewelry storage built into your closet

inside the perfect closet
(except I would never have all those Hermes boxes)

loving the soft palette of the monochromatic-ness 

 & how I see my next re-decorating scheme

below, totally dramatic, love the lighting & the touch of pink

What are you loving right now?



  1. Tans and taupe, black and white.
    Hot colours in the garden.
    Little boots for fall, peeking under a longer skirt and a short, belted jacket.
    But I'm still enjoying summer to do much more than dream and plan.......

  2. It is terribly hideously hot in Texas, so maybe I'm thinking Fall as a way to escape the hottest summer on record.

  3. Marsha, I'm so looking forward to wearing sweaters again..(can't believe I just said that!) but I love fall and fall fashions..!!
    I want to wear a few more skirts this fall as well..love that look, just haven't done it..
    thanks for the inspiration..

  4. I am actually looking forward to being chilly and warming up with fantastic sweaters and scarves. Looking for a fun pair of boots now.

    I don't know how y'all do it in Texas with that heat. It's oppressive enough up here with the temps and humidity in the 80's and 90's. God bless you!

  5. I'm so ready for fall. That long skirt with the wee vest combo is awesome. So is that closet (minus the annoying Hermes boxes). Right now, I am loving linen everything because its still 110 degrees in Dallas.

  6. We love these looks and fall and winter clothes are the best. It is never quite cold enough to get that great layered look in South Louisiana. We need the closet!
    XO Angela and Renee

  7. I'm with you Marsha! We may have to dream our way out of this heat...

    Love the long skirt with the sweater and vest!

    (BTW... I tried to leave a comment on your last post, but got an error... any way, I thought it was right on!)

  8. Love this Images!!!You are so Glam!!

    Im your new follower!


  9. I do love winter fashion, but we don't get quite so much sunshine over here in Wales as you do in Texas, so I wouldn't mind a few more warm days before I unpack the cashmere and riding boots. I love all the photos, I wish my wardrobe looked like that and I adore the jewellery chest x

  10. I love that big sweater and long skirt, so me, and good for any age!
    Wonderful picks as usual Marsha.
    Have agreat week

  11. The bottom photo, grey and pink. Makes me think of her outfit at the train station, in Dr Zavago.


  12. I adore that dressing room .. just love it xx

  13. Wow...we are alike Marsha....just love the big sweater and long skirt...perfect!
    I'm looking forward to getting wrapped up in my cashmere for the autumn and winter :)

  14. Big sweater and long skirt such so,so fantastic!!!
    and these closet...............OMG,you blows me away,Marsha:-)))*


  15. You are giving me the chills :) I'm happy with all these great ideas.

  16. Love the first picture my Autumn colours as a redhead well greying now! suede jacket divine.

    Temp 10c here in the UK more like Winter grrrrr. Ida

  17. As much as I do not want to think of summer ending, there is something incredibly exciting about Fall fashion, I always get excited over beautiful knits, chunky cashmere sweaters, buying a new bag or two, you get the picture! I also am loving and saving the picture of the jewelry drawer..how gorgeous!

  18. Stay cool Marsha, don't watch the market. America is on a plane with no pilot's. Where is Congress?

  19. Nothing is more beautiful than a neutral living room and this one is perfection!! Why can I never organize my closet like your image?!

  20. ALL gorgeous!! That second outfit is totally me (minus the hideous boots) and what a dream that closet would be!

  21. I have that skirt in black, it feels wonderful!

  22. Loving both outfits, those skirts... swoon!

  23. Wow, that dressing room is fantastic. I so admire the neatness and orderliness of this closet because I have this organization issue. Let us just say, I am better at keeping thing topsy-turvy. This really inspired me to change my ways and think of an appropriate
    cabinets NJ projects of my own. Thank you for sharing this post. This is definitely an inspiration.

  24. Speechless...that built-in jewelry closet is a statement. It’s perfect when touring girlfriends around a newly renovated room. I’m sure my friends will scream ad jump when they see such in my room. I think I can afford to have a customized one. Thank you for this inspiration.

  25. Can you tell me where to order the jewelry drawer liners with the multi compartments for earrings?

  26. Can you tell me where to order the jewelry inserts for the drawers in the photo above?


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