Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to Fashion...

I absolutely love this editorial from the upcoming 
Elle Russia for October,
you know, the beautiful suit and outfit dressing we haven't seen for awhile,
for daytime lunching or's really just too pretty, don't you think?

& this lovely model reminds me of the beautiful
Christina of Fashion's Most Wanted blog,
who has the most gorgeous long blonde hair,
is tall & thin, and has the best spirit & heart.
Love you, C.

don't you just love this gray with red accessories?

I'm muddling through all the Alaska cruise photos, more to come as
soon as I edit them down...


"By Invitation Only"

the next post from our international group takes place

October 4th

the 1st Tuesday of each month.

2 of our members are working together on our theme for October,
none of us know what it will be until they send us word.
I'm very nervous because they are brilliant women who
will give us something thought provoking (read: difficult).

of the bracelet giveaway

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen
Kristin @ Page of Inspiration

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new jewelry, all very inexpensive 
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