Monday, September 19, 2011

Cruise Holiday pics + GIVEAWAY ENDS TONIGHT

some of you know I went on a "family" holiday recently, my daughter, her fiance & I
flew to Seattle, where we were joined by 2 other family members, to begin our
Alaskan cruise.

here you see my daughter, Vanessa, and me overlooking Puget Sound.
She took about 1000+ photos I think.
Today you will see a few.

flowers at Pike Place, home of the fresh seafood & tossing fish market

all of us about to board the ship, Westerdam of Holland America

it was already chilly in Seattle, so us Texans thought we needed to bundle up.
I must say I packed about a dozen pashminas and another dozen scarfs...
I am so happy I did, they solved so many problems with weather and dressing up.
One of the things I enjoyed the most was actually "dressing" for dinner each night.

sailing out of Puget Sound was one of the most beautiful scenes you can imagine,
we set sail around 4pm, so nightfall was not too far away...

Ness had never been to Seattle, I think you can tell she was loving every minute.
taken from shipboard, Seattle in the background.

sunset on the open waters



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My signature Bloody Mary, shipboard

1st night, after the formal dinner, all of us in the Piano Bar.
A couple whom we met in the Piano Bar saw us later in the journey 
and told us they had gone back to the bar every single night hoping to 
find us again...they had so much fun singing along with us on the
1st night.   Fun?  Absolutely!

I must tell you, sailing is one of the most luxurious holidays you could have.
You can do everything, or nothing. 

Onboard this ship there was a 10th deck Observation Floor which wrapped around
about 180 degrees, smack in the front (forward) of the ship, 1 deck above the Bridge.
There were big recliners, lots of comfy chairs, a delightful Starbuck's-like coffee bar,
a full bar, a library, and the computers for all of us to use. 
 It was the BEST place on the ship for me.
We talked to everyone who would listen, made some new friends, and felt like we were
front & forward for the most beautiful vistas imaginable.

There was a 5000-piece puzzle set up on a big table, where people could work to solve
the puzzle, we saw the same ladies everyday until the puzzle was complete.
I would have been coo-coo doing this, but hey, they loved it.

There were card rooms on another deck, all seaside, so one could play as you watch
the scenery sail by the windows.  
These beautiful rooms were for personal play, not in the casino.  
Just so much more elegant on their own. 

And, another wonderful place on the ship.  
The Culinary Center.
Like a TV set if you can imagine.
Each day various chefs on board would demonstrate how to do something.
Browning Creme Brulee was my favorite.  Vanessa loved the ice-carving.

Tomorrow, some of the wild Alaskan coastline...
not to miss if you love wildlife and pristine nature.



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