Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Football Watching Party, My Way

isn't this the most wonderful thing you've ever seen?
& not too difficult either.

the bar, outdoors
I mean, go on, get a head start on Christmas decorating, string up the lights now.

festive, casual hair...add feathers!
I would definitely do this...

big cheese board

grilled BLT's

a table worthy of football...linen & burlap...
we're tailgating !!!

Elizabeth & James
another line of the Olsen twins,
named for their younger siblings.

for me, this is the perfect football-watching outfit.
except she forgot her JEWELRY !!

OK, my teams won this weekend and last night.
Houston Texans & New England Patriots

do not have any idea why the Pat's punted instead of going for the 3 yards,
but they won anyway.  
Tom Brady is totally MY hero,
(maybe it's because he's married to Gisele?)



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  1. Gorgeous pictures...what a fabulous evening this would be!!

  2. Looks like a lovely venue - would it be spoiled by mosquitos? x

  3. OMG so fun!!! I love outdoor spaces that have been styled and carefully put together like this, it looks effortless too! and thats the beauty of it. I am SOOOO doing this sometime soon out in my patio {fairy lights and candles will do the trick} ;) xoxxoox

  4. I'd love to have a pig roast or clam bake. As for mosquitoes, I'd have the yard sprayed for the evening for the best control or a million citronella candles or pass out personal mosquito control thingies- they really work.

    A full moon would be extra special.

    Marsha- can't wait to see that leopard clutch! Glad you enjoyed the cruise! We're heading to France in a bit- yeah!

  5. How much fun would it be to have a football party like this. You host it and we're there!

  6. Wow! I love this post! The cheese board, I love those grilled cheese sandwiches! What great ideas for Fall and game day.

  7. I might even watch football in this beautiful setting!
    Love the Olsen clothes...beautiful and oh so comfy looking.

  8. Gorgeous photos Marsha. She sure did forget her jewelry...
    Shame on her.

  9. OK now you are talking..this is my kind of football party. Somehow I am really liking it now:)
    How gorgeous!

  10. Oh yes now You speaking my lingo, Marsha! I'm coming over!!!




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