Sunday, September 11, 2011

Honored & Happy

Last Tuesday a group of ladies came together to participate
in a new endeavor, a monthly link-up of women who are invited
to this new event.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that such a lovely group of
accomplished women were able to be with me for this & I would
like to say a very late thank you to each one.

Below is the list,  in the order they linked-up with my post, of those
fabulous girls who participated in

Cecilia @ Desde My Ventana

Vicki @ French Essence

Karin @ La Pouyette

Renee & Angela @ Under Spanish Moss Designs

Yvonne @ Stone Gable

Christina @ Greige

Lisa @ Privilege

Ann @ Plum Siena

Charlotta @ Space For Inspiration

Jacqueline @ HOME

Please visit them when you have time...they all have beautiful & sensitive blogs.

Others were invited but due to impossible conflicts in business & life could not participate. 
 I am so hopeful they will be able to join us at some point, as they will always be welcome.

They are:


Greet @ Belgian Pearls

Sarah @ Haute Design

Stacey @  Quintessence

Maureen @ Eclectic Revisited
To all I am so very honored and happy you joined me on this lovely adventure.

Our rules:

Only invited bloggers may participate.

Each one of the original invitees may invite ONE blogger to join us next time.  
The original invitees will always control what transpires, what subjects
we will post about & they may extend invitations each month to new bloggers,
if they wish. 

In other words, THEY have the power to contribute as much as I will.
We will be the control group & we are ALL one.

The newly added invitees may invite ONE blogger after their 1st post
....and on & on.   

I think we have the beginning of something wonderful, don't you?

I am just returned from our family holiday in Alaska.

Photos and more will be forthcoming.  We had such a great time
and saw so many new things that I simply must share with you.

All the best !!