Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh my, what on earth will I wear ?

to the virtual luncheon in Paris on New Year's Day?

come back to see all of us who will attend this virtual event...

"By Invitation Only"

an international blog party for the membership...

reprising our December post where we all attended
Tina's @ The Enchanted Home Christmas party in her beautiful new home.

our 1 X  a month event.


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  1. Such elegance. Little sling back shoes, lots of creamy neutrals, and the look of nonchalance.
    (Although I did get the giggles on spotting the man behind them, studying the menu with what can only be described as a "grumpy face".) Virginia x

  2. What a stunning post. Elegance and grace.

  3. Perfect style on these two...effortless chic for sure!! Can't wait for the party...I'll be there!

  4. It will be a lot of fun! (wish it was really happening) Next year?

  5. you'll be fabulous as usual ;) LOVE this image, says so much!!

  6. Definitely looking forward to hearing all about your lunch in Paris! A great way to kick off the new year....


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