Monday, January 30, 2012

Looks I Love.....

some pretty rooms & ideas

very interesting rug, carpeting on stairway, drapery fabric & chandelier

over time I've collected many many pieces of antique cut glass & vintage glassware,
silver hollow ware, and tableware of all types...
this reminds me of prettiness we often don't take time to create any longer...

no words

love the walls and all the natural tones & mixtures of textures

open windows & doorways, fresh flowers always,
and this lovely fireplace surround...wonder where they found this...

antlers & peonies, bronze chandelier & tall footed candlesticks,

just too much fun not to love,
nasturtiums remind me of beautiful English gardens...

those hydrangea & this perfectly tended garden space

always need a bit of whimsy, don't we?

perfect guest powder room

& this?  what can I say except I love it.

my idea of the most perfect room...
big room, high high high ceilings, lots of light...
but I wouldn't use those high-backed chairs, they don't look comfy at all

don't laugh...there once was a closet like this in a home for sale in Houston,
I kid you not.
remember, around here there is a whole lot of land, and there are some
enormous & beautiful homes...

just too wonderful

wouldn't you love to own one of these?

& finally, a Mint Julep or could it be Iced Tea?
anyway, I'll have one right now if you don't mind...


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