Monday, January 9, 2012


the collection of simple glass containers, the paint color...
frame this stunning view

love love love these hanging lamps

the shine of silver says it all

a girly room toned down by the leather pouf, little black table with brass stag,
monochromatic furniture

I'm a big lover of tall gladiolas, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, Persian rugs
& monochromatic furniture

now, who wouldn't love this room?

& a gift to all of you, this vision...dream on...
I think this is St.Lucia, does anyone know?

busily packing my china & crystal (I have so much more than I need as
I've collected all my life)...I'm only moving 3-4 miles away, so it doesn't have
to be packed for a long-distance move, and I will move it myself...
using plastic bins with small bubble wrap for most of it.

& I have a ceramic giraffe, made in Italy, which I've owned some 30 years
who always travels in the back seat of my car so she will be safe...her name is
Giselle, and she has always been a part of my decor. Giselle is seated and is about 4' tall.

and I wonder  what other people do when their children tell them
"you style is not our style, Mom"
& mom has treated everything with kid gloves thinking all the precious
furniture, paintings, accessories would eventually go to them.


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  1. Oh, you've hit on two things I've pondered before. Isn't moving a short distance sometimes even trickier than a full blown move? All those little trips back and forth, and things packed a little less padded??

    And...I do wonder often what will happen to all my "pretties" once I'm gone and my kids aren't as "appreciative" of them as I am? I'm thinking--please no garage sales!

  2. That silver and purple room is positively lovely...
    XX Kathryn


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