Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't You Just Love These Girls....

I know, I do.
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
(as all my regular readers already know)
continue to amaze me with their stellar design talents.

& isn't she just beautiful in this cover shot?

& Nicole Richie, looking all grown up and sophisticated.

what do you guys think?



  1. Love the Olsen Twins...
    though sometimes their outfits shock a lot of people. But me? I'll always adore them.

    And Nicole, oh I love her lovely transformation from being Paris' sidekick into a full time designer/fashionista and loving mother.

  2. They seem to have gotten it together and have learned how to keep Hollywood out of their personal lives. They are all three so pretty!
    Happy Wednesday, Marsha.

  3. Mary Kate, Ashley and Nichole have faces that simply engage me. They are cameleons, exquisite or quirky, couture or funky and now SO grown up, matured into lovely young women. Kudos for their successes!
    Love this, Marsha!
    XOXO, Chris

  4. Very smart enterprising, stylish and beautiful young women indeed....

  5. Love the photo of Mary Kate with her light hair framing a perfect smoky eye, but what really caught my attention was the "get a flat stomach in 2 weeks" caption - ha!

    I'm looking forward to watching the new Nicole Ritchie/Jessica Simpson/John Varvatos's reality TV show, Fashion Star, which airs March 13th. Would like to know what YOU think!

  6. All these young women have really grown up into people they should be so proud of whom they've become. Such talent and they're all so lovely.


  7. I think the Olsen twins are under appreciated. They dance to their own drum beat and I admire and respect that...

  8. Doesn't Nicole look fabulous! I love her hair---just the way I wish mine looked...


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