Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cartier's Panther Goes Travelling....

this is a true work or art and creativity,
a not-to-be-missed short film of 3 1/2 minutes,
you will treasure these minutes.

 Premiering Soon Lodysse De Cartier 1

Coming to a tablet or smartphone near you: L'Odyssée de Cartier, a mini film that has been a labor of love for Cartier for the past two years, featuring as its protagonist the French house's iconic symbol, a majestic, prowling panther.
Produced by an international team of artists, musicians, set designers and directors, the three-and-a-half minute short spans more than 160 years of Cartier's high jewelry know-how.
According to press notes released ahead of the premiere, the film will follow the travels of a female panther, "an emblematic creature that goes on an imaginary voyage between dream and reality, leaving its mark on the continents that have enriched Cartier style."

the link below will take you to Cartier's UTube page
where you can view the film.