Saturday, March 3, 2012

Images of Springtime...R U Ready ?

a girlfriend & I spent an entire afternoon just shopping around today.

everywhere in Houston there is Springtime.

I will tell you much much more about Houston on Tuesday, 
when we reprise our monthly 
International Blog Post

By Invitation Only,

because this month we will all be telling our readers what makes our hometowns
unique and wonderful.

In the meantime, some beautiful images I thought you would enjoy.

what a beautiful table setting, love the moss so much...

luscious fresh wreath...I can make one of these I think...
isn't is wonderful?

precious centerpiece

precious girl

via desde my ventana

via pinterest de-dewanda

the following are my favs, I think you will see why.

beautiful collection, so simple, so easy, so prettty
& stunningly beautiful photography

perfect photograph, the composition & exposure are perfection X10

cindy kassab's work is for can find her online

all other photos from pinterest or are mine

our little springtime stretchable ring



  1. Such a pretty post symbolising a joyous time of year. Looking forward to By Invitation - I've missed it. Francesca

  2. Ready? Ready!!!! Beautiful pics!
    Have a nice, sunny sunday!

  3. Hi Marsha,
    What beautiful images of Spring. There are little green shoots appearing here and Spring is definitely on it's way, although it is raining this morning !!
    I absolutely LOVE the girl in the white dress with the bright pink jacket, the tulip photograph is wonderful and I love the vibernum in the glass bottles.
    Have a great Sunday Marsha. XXXX

  4. Love all the colors and after a big snow the last couple of ddays I'm so ready for spring!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. A beautiful, beautiful post which make me ache for spring , the burst of colors and scents... Do you know who is the artist behind the painting? See you tuesday, francine

  6. knocked it out of the park on this one! Wow!! I can almost feel a spring breeze coming off the computer screen:) Such magnificent images!!

  7. Wow! Amazing images... love them all. And I love the new music too!

  8. These images are stunning, Marsha! So much beautiful colors, and mix perfection.
    Happy Sunday.

  9. Stunning images; perfect escapism for a Sunday x

  10. Beautiful post! I love the images you posted. Looking forward to spring!

  11. This girl between amazing´s me in my dream:-)))*

    Love to you,

  12. So desperate for Spring. We got snow here in Boston on Saturday but Thurs. is supposed to be 60 degrees which is like a heat wave here! xo


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