Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 8, By Invitation Only

welcome to our 8th edition of

International Blog Party

a monthly international blog party where each member posts on the same general topic
in their own unique way, of course.

in a respectful tribute to both 
Easter & Spring
we will be writing about possibilities & rebirth.

for me, this is an essential time of rejuvenation, of new creations within my own artistic soul,
and a time to re-think what we think we know.

in other words, in spring an awakening world signals possibilities of rebirth within ourselves.

nature never changes, people are not alike.
so all of us end up seeing the same natural wonders from different points of view.
when the sun shines on a just people, they will run into the street to bask in it's warmth.
the unjust will hide.
same sun, different perspective.

spring works that way too. the coming of the buds & the blossoms means to most
that God's in his heaven and all is right with the world.
spring is deity's vote that the world is worthwhile.
for T. S. Eliot, however, the world was brutal.
"April is the cruelest month," he wrote.  it wakes us from our safe & easy stupor.
spring forces us to be active, alive and full of feelings again.

still, for others spring serves as scenery and stage props, like an elaborate backdrop the
season simply sets the stage for water skiing, baseball, gold, hiking & picnics.

spring even gets a role in some personal productions, often playing the airy character who
shows up in the nick of time to save us from the blues, or serves as a stand-in for 
absent romance.

but in the world of words, the most common use of the season is as a metaphor, as a sign and token for the human heart's ongoing drama:  the quest for faith and fulfillment.

we love the rebirth of Mother Earth.
it signals the possibility of rebirth in ourselves.
buried in the word "rejuvenate" is the word "juvenile" ... 
the idea that all things can, and will, be made young again.
the perennial flowers in hibernation point to the merely "hibernating" loved ones who lie
buried in the soil.
the clumsy awakening inside us when we stretch, blink and stride off into a fresh, uncertain world.

for the ancients, of course, the coming of spring was full of powerful
meanings and magic.
spring was especially symbolic.
today, all that remains of those ancient feasts and festivities is May Day and its
occasional May Pole, but centuries ago, in the British Isles, this was the
season of Imbolc (pronounced IMM-ulk).
historian Caitlin Matthews writes of it this way:

the spring quarter of Imbolc brings the gift of insight and inspiration and is a time
of beginnings and of essential truthfulness.  in the human growth cycle, Imbolc
corresponds to the period of childhood when all things are questioned or enjoyed
for their own sake.  Imbolc is a good time to celebrate the lives of the "soul midwives" who
have taught and prepared us, all who have been upholders of justice and truth,
all holy ones who have gone to the heart of the matter with great clarity and insight.

in short,
spring is a time to celebrate rebirth, creation, recommitment and


spring 春天來了 (by Thunderbolt_TW)

whoever you are, whatever you believe in,
take the time to look up and know life is infinite.

the greatest gift we have been given is to actually "live" our lives.

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thank you for visiting and reading my long profound & perhaps-self-indulgent post,
but know how much I appreciate it.

with love

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