Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Dream of Venice....

there is nowhere on Earth like Venice
& everyone should see it at least once.

but, you will find once is not enough.

if you arrive by air this is the 1st view of Venice you will see.
once out of the terminal you will push or carry your luggage out the door then walk to the left
all the way down to the WaterTaxi station.

everyone has to board a little boat in order to get to their hotel.
it's a total shock to some people, but it is what it is.

those larger boats are their version of buses, they are a piece of cake ONCE you figure them out,
and find out how easy the bus stops are to find.
don't worry at all, everyone uses them instead of a private water taxi 
as the private ones are so much more expensive.

& will become your landmark to return to your hotel.

Venice is small.  you can walk everywhere on the island.
if you venture out to Murano you will take another boat to get there.
you will come to recognize these little bridges for pedestrians only, they are everywhere,

this was the view of our hotel called
Boscolo Dei Dogi
from the canal.  there are many doormen, valets to assist you & your luggage.

they had the most amazing staff & the most wonderful dining room.
the hotel itself is located away from St. Mark's Square so you are not bothered by the
madding throngs of people.

locals playing guitar and entertaining us and themselves in the evenings.
(you won't believe this, but I once got myself wedged into the only toilet in a little bistro, while
my friends & husband waited for me outside...I'm swearing I absolutely could not move up or down...
I imagined the local headlines saying:  American Tourist Trapped in Potty Chamber Overnight!)

Photo: Newlyweds ride a gondola

Photo: Outlook onto Venice canals

a regatta in Venice

there are so many important things to see in Venice, all of the precious and priceless art collections you
may view in most of the cathedrals, the history books, the beautiful ever-changing light which imparts
different colors to the same building throughout the day, the winding passages containing some of
the most elegant artisan ateliers in the world, the making of the famous Murano glass, the Venetial glass
mirrors, chandeliers and glassware, the shoes & the handbags of Italian leathers, and the most important
thing of all...the sea...which every Venetian traveller is aware.

the little bistros, the tratorrias, the breads, the flowers in bouquets so specific to Italy,
and the pastries and candies.

sit, enjoy, meet some lovely Italians, chat with everyone...
it's the only way be to totally immersed into this little jewel box.

tomorrow, The Cipriani Hotel, my view of it.