Thursday, May 31, 2012


The delightful tabletop below has been created by Yvonne @ StoneGable blogspot
for all of us to enjoy.  Yvonne talent and artistry is well-known by most of us, but this
post is so special I didn't want you to miss it.
Not only can she create the most joyous tables, she can also cook !!

Find her HERE

so much to do today, so only a short post.

we received many orders over the long holiday weekend, for which I am so grateful and thankful,
so re-ordering merchandise if possible, getting the final pieces wrapped, packed and shipped...

& wonderful  news from my daughter's eclectic web shop...
she sold a custom-made designer dog bed for over $1000,
and a redwood/brass handmade wind chime, & some handmade baby shoes.
she is elated.
the lovely thing is that she speaks directly to each person individually about their order, so 
she kind of gets to know them a bit.  I think that's nice.

so, until tomorrow...June 1st...




  1. I too love Yvonne's tables. There is something about blue and white!

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Yvonne's tablescapes are always inspiring and beautiful. This one with the blue and white and pink, I love.

    Congratulations on your daughters store! How exciting!

    I hope you are having a great week, Elizabeth

  3. What a delightful surprise... I was checking in to see what beautiful things you were talking about today... and there was MY table! Oh, you are just so darling! Thank you for the very very sweet words.

  4. I love that first image Marsha, the reflections are gorgeous.
    So glad to hear the webshop has is going leaps and bounds.

  5. So happy to know that your daughter is doing swell. Great news.
    Oh wow, the flowers are gorgeous and so is the table!! Headed over.
    I am happy you are busy too, Marsha.

  6. Delightful post, we are really happy about all these wonderful news! Love, A&F

  7. Yvonne's tablescape is gorgeous! I'm drooling over that first picture of hydrangeas in every color. Congratulations to your daughter on her big sale, I know how she feels....;)


  8. That first image is simply stunning! I'd love to drive up the lane each day and see those beautiful flowers. Congrats to your daughters success this weekend.

  9. Yay for your daughter - so exciting!! Gorgeous images to start my weekend - hope yours is wonderful, Marsha ~

  10. Beautiful tabletop and stunning as well as vistas - second one looks like it might be Lake Como!!

  11. Wow! The hydrangea lined drive is incredible, Beautiful table setting, too.


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