Thursday, May 31, 2012


The delightful tabletop below has been created by Yvonne @ StoneGable blogspot
for all of us to enjoy.  Yvonne talent and artistry is well-known by most of us, but this
post is so special I didn't want you to miss it.
Not only can she create the most joyous tables, she can also cook !!

Find her HERE

so much to do today, so only a short post.

we received many orders over the long holiday weekend, for which I am so grateful and thankful,
so re-ordering merchandise if possible, getting the final pieces wrapped, packed and shipped...

& wonderful  news from my daughter's eclectic web shop...
she sold a custom-made designer dog bed for over $1000,
and a redwood/brass handmade wind chime, & some handmade baby shoes.
she is elated.
the lovely thing is that she speaks directly to each person individually about their order, so 
she kind of gets to know them a bit.  I think that's nice.

so, until tomorrow...June 1st...