Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream Clothes...

what can I tell you, I am in love with


a luxurious brand of apparel,
once worn it will make you think of fabrics and construction in a whole new way.

I used to travel very very often, a major trip somewhere every 3 months with my
family or friends, and in between trips to New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles for the
jewelry markets.

everyone knows how difficult it is to find clothes that travel well,
you can leave your home and spend HOURS on a plane, and still arrive looking
like you looked when you left.

this is the essence of Escada.
never wrinkles
doesn't grab link
doesn't lose it's shape
does not buckle anywhere ever

if you haven't see Escada take a look at the Pre-Fall Collection
which you will find HERE
it's a slide show, but you can click on any outfit to blow it up, and then zoom in to see the details.
there is also a SPORT line, take a look at that too, it's casual looks.

there is not a single item in this collection I couldn't wear and love.
I especially like the cropped pants, looks so sleek.

R U SICK of the low-slung, skin tight jeans?
I know I am.