Friday, May 11, 2012

May I Ask For A Moment of Your Time ?

today is "LAUNCH" date for a new website...

& there will be a GIVEAWAY !!!

the owner of which has put weeks and months of thought and labor intensive work
creating and curating this venture...
so I'm sending her this bouquet of peonies, 
and saying, "I'm thrilled for you."


Ah, birthday flowers!

because she has been in the corporate world her entire career
she does not know the blogging community and the incredible honesty and loyalty
we have to one another.
therefore, I am asking on her behalf if you would take a quick look through her new website,
for me.
she would love to hear your critique of her shoppe, about the products, the ease of 
navigation, and about the price points, or anything else you would like to comment upon.

may I introduce you to the shoppe owner, creator, curator, designer
and a girl of immense talent and integrity,
my darling daughter,
Vanessa Elizabeth Harris

the name of her lovely new shoppe is


below is the is the Vintage Infused GIVEAWAY

Three Piece Oatmeal Soap Gift Set
Speckled with colloidal oatmeal and mixed with Barr Company's unique scent,
 they have nestled three generously sized 6 oz. bars in their re-usable gift box.  

Perfect for gifting!  
Vintage Infused favorite!
The packaging even includes an area to write a personal message.  

$30.00 Value.

 It is hand crafted in small batches in St. Louis, Missouri

Scented with Milk, Oatmeal, Vanilla, and Vetiver.  
The Barr-Co Collection is made with colloidal oatmeal and other natural wholesome ingredients.

all of this, 
 ++++ I am still having my own 
of 3 Bracelets Given To 3 Different Winners
you may leave a comment at the 2 previous posts just below to enter the Splenderosa giveaway
& please be a follower.

love to all
Happy Mother's Day

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