Monday, May 28, 2012

what happened to these days?



  1. I don't know, but I wish they were back, Marsha.
    Hope that you are having a wonderful day, friend.

  2. Really miss those days!! Wish we were SO MANY WAYS!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK.

  3. La robe est aussi merveilleuse que le chapeau...
    Gros bisous

  4. I'm with Teresa, I certainly wish they were here again!!! xo HHL

  5. I love the hat Marsha but those leaf sequins drove me nuts when I worked on a particular dress some years ago that required thousands of them. Five people working on that dress at the same table with a dealine tighter than the corset that went underneath.

  6. Beauty and niceties....days when you wore gloves to church....hats were worn often....and men wore hats and tipped them.....families weren't so spread out and had meals together......I am glad I had and experienced some of them. How beautiful she is and the hat is breath taking!

  7. Hi dear Marsha, she looks so elegant. I have photographs of my mother and my sister on a picnic at the beach with wonderful dresses and high heeled shoes, it was just the way things were wasn't it? Now...well everything is so casual, I'm ashamed to say that the English are some of the worst of the bunch, oh how I wish those sartorial times would resurrect!

    Hugs to you,
    Jane x

  8. Preciosa Nieves Alvarez,nuestra bellísima modelo española y ese conjunto con la pamela ...¡impresionante !.Muchas gracias por esta foto,Marsha.

  9. What an elegant look! I'd love to revisit the days when people dressed for life. Lovely...

  10. I love Talia's comment: "when people dressed for life." It makes me think of my Grandfather who dressed in a suit everyday to go to the steel factory. We all say "Oh, I don't need to dress up, my life is so casual" (I say this too!!!) but people certainly didn't make such excuses before, did they?

    Marsha, I am behind on your posts (as with too many blogs I am afraid) but I am so happy that I didn't miss this. :)

  11. Hi Marsha. I am so behind on blog reading but I seem to arrive at a good moment not to miss the elegance that you presented us with.... sigh...sigh... I would love to dress like that!
    Just gorgeous!


  12. Amen! I would la la love to dress like that ( almost everyday ;)

    gi gi


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