Sunday, July 29, 2012


our world is so full of facets, isn't it?
think about how many diverse elements we come across each day.

even if we cannot explore the world, we should explore as much of our environment
as we possibly can, there is just so much beauty & entertainment & experience
we should partake of everything possible.


Sunday Market in Paris

just walking around the back of our property with our 4 dogs I see things I've never
seen before, the home of little rabbits, the squirrel's daily lives, even the critters we don't see often
make me smile.  the plants, flowers, dead trees & branches teach us something we didn't know before.

if we take the time.
if we learn to really "live" each moment.
if we learn to never be bored.

ahhhh, yes, life is good today.

onward to Sonoma...