Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No Matter Large or Small

there is something so welcoming, comforting, inviting, friendly and unpretentious
when the entry of a home has containers of flowers, everything is in order, they know you are arriving and they want you to be un-intimidated.

you know?

like each one of these...
it doesn't matter if they are large or small
 each of these homeowners have achieved this welcoming look.

Los Angeles home designed by Ferguson Shamamian Architects. 

French Quarter feel in Miami. Tuthill Architecture.

Designer Tommy Smythe’s Victorian townhome in Toronto.

Architect calls this a rustic canyon home (LA). Tim Barber Architecture & Interior Design.

Brick and stone home in Ontario. Herringbone Pattern by CWB MTL.

& this lovely room

White Oaks renovated sunroom. Murphy & Co. Design.

long, narrow room completely redone to become beautiful sun room.

any thoughts?



  1. I LOVE a warmly welcoming home and I LOVE flowers. I enjoyed looking at these photos because I'd love to achieve that affect with my home!

  2. Marsha you picked some very warm and welcoming homes to feature. Nothing says welcome to me like a puppy lounging on the front porch!


  3. ooh love pots of flowers....unfortunately my front door is in a dank sunless corner....!!

  4. What beautiful entances to some wonderful homes Marsha. Our house is south facing so, pots dry out very quickly so we have two bay trees gaurding our front door !!
    Hope that you are well and not sufering too much with high temperatures. We are having an awful, wet Summer and I just hope that it gets better for the Olympics.
    Sorry to have been absent ..... am still waiting for everything from my old computer to be put onto my new one !! XXXX

  5. Love the coffered ceiling in that sunroom! The whole room is lovely as well!

  6. Gorgeous. I wouldn't mind that sweet dog welcoming me home either! xo

  7. Absolutely beautiful entrances! The sunroom is gorgeous as well, with terrific furniture placement!

  8. It's that first image. They are all beautiful. Loved the music SUMMERTIME, yes it's here
    for a few more months..
    Stay coool

  9. How I wish my entrance looked like any one of these, at present it is overgrown and in dire need of attention, send in the gardeners....if I had one, hang on I's ME!! My home looks like nobody loves it and we most certainly do. Ah well I can come visit you Marsha and listen to the cool music and dream I'm wearing those lovely rings, gorgeous!

    Hope you are well dear Marsha I was SO glad to hear from you yesterday.

    xx Love xx Jane


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