Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I will be away from my studio, but not my computer, for 3 weeks
as I travel along with my girlfriend who is relocating from Houston
to Sonoma County California.

we are doing the Great American Out West Vacation,
stopping for 3 days to see another girlfriend in  Las Vegas (no casinos, just fine dining),
and eventually arriving in Sonoma County...from there I will go to L.A. to visit other friends,
then return to Houston.

the girls in the studio will fill any orders which come in asap,
and I will be in touch via phone and internet with anyone who needs me.

I am so looking forward to this holiday and spending time with this splendid woman.

&, of course, who doesn't love Sonoma?
who doesn't love the Northern California coastline?
& most of all, who doesn't love that weather?

I will do a follow-up post as soon as I can showing everyone photos of
Sonoma, versus Napa.  
I really don't like the terrain of Napa and absolutely love every single thing about Sonoma.

don't forget me...
back soon....

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